Top 10 Hottest Female Champions In League of Legends

Choosing the top 10 hottest female champions in League of Legends is a little like choosing the top 10 hottest girls in the Ms. Universe pageant. They’re all smoking hot! (well, except for Poppy) Believe me, this was not easy folks, but it had to be done! Don’t envy the task I had of looking through countless photos of hot avatars, it’s not as easy as one might think.

But without further adeu, here are my results from the top 10 hottest female champions in League of Legends!

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atticon402283d ago

I didn't see Ashe? Where's Ashe?

mmoattack2282d ago

Ashe would have been a great choice. I guess the author thought otherwise!

KirkAttack2282d ago

I like this list. I pretty much agree with the top 3. Katarina is smoking hot!

Have you seen any cosplay of her? mmmmmm

mmoattack2282d ago

Perhaps an article on Top 10 League Cosplay is in order!

2282d ago