The Wii U has the best launch lineup in Nintendo history, maybe of all-time.

The lineup of games coming to the Wii U within its first few weeks is amazing. Some are calling the best lineup in Nintendo console history, possibly of all console launches.

Do you agree or does the Wii U launch lineup get bested by another console?

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SandWitch2283d ago

Honestly, I can't see why is it that good...

Mario U, ZombiU and Rayman Legends looks good. But other than that are ports/multiplats from 6-year-old platforms.

iamnsuperman2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

I agree. Zombie U looks good and so does Rayman Legends and Mario is Mario but a large proportion of the other games can be played on current systems. I keep seeing them in articles saying how good the line up is but those games do not make me want a Wii U as I can buy them for my current system without the need to spend £200+ on a new system.

It was a shame about pikmin. It was advertised as a launch window title but seems to be pushed back to 2013

PopRocks3592283d ago

"but a large proportion of the other games can be played on current systems."

That's not bad news at all for anyone who doesn't already own them only a small handful of these games are even that old. PS3 and 360 share a ton of multiplats. Wii did not get many of them and neither did its predecessors after the SNES.

Now we get those multiplats on the same system that gives us Mario, Metroid and Zelda.

mrbojingles2283d ago

I'm also very sad to see Pikmin get pushed to next year!

iamnsuperman2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

@poprocks359 I can see (and agree) your point and defiantly in the near future this support will be vital. Just for me personally who is getting AC3.... I might as well get them on the system I own than shell out that much just to play them. Even though Zombie U.... look good I am holding out until Nintendo show me they are developing those type of games. I think early in a new system life multiplatform titles with current generation games is nice but not a big selling point people make it out to be considering every article uses them to pad out the genres Nintendo is missing in their launch games.

mrbojingles2283d ago

I'm not saying you're wrong, but there is much more than ports.

Scribblenauts, Nintendo Land, Wonderful 101, Lego City, Nano Assault look good too.

I wonder why people are calling AC3, COD and others ports when they're only releasing weeks later, if not days. I mean, it's not like we call PS3 games that are multiplats ports.

Ck1x2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

I couldn't have said it better myself! People call them ports to diminish the fact that they are coming to the system. When in fact the PS3 enjoys the very same Xbox360 built games, just that those are multiplat when they come out for the PS3 though. But The WiiU is getting nothing but ports people! It Makes the negative aspect sell better... if that's the case then most of the PS3's gaming library consists of ports, when using that logic... Can't argue facts! Everyone knows that the 360 was the target platform for 3rd party games, so I guess everybody's getting ports then. Lol

Edit: I wished that people would use terms in their proper place as well. Because many call Ninja Gaiden a port, when Nintendo is having them fix everything that was wrong with the first and adding in new content. That's not a port, that a game being re-made.

SandWitch2283d ago

It's nothing wrong with AC or COD being released a bit later, but the fact that you can play pretty much identical games on 6-7 year old consoles does not give any bonuses to Wii U's launch at all.

ronin4life2283d ago

Remember: Having the "best line up" doesn't mean everyone will love it.
The Vita has been said to have one of the best lineups in gaming, yet I really found it uninteresting on a personal level.(Would Gravity Rush count as launch window? That game looks cool.)

The WiiU has many games that I'm looking forward to in the launch window, although I'm hoping the actual Launch day/holiday season gets filled up a little better...
Can't wait for Monster Hunter 3U... Wondering if I should get the 3ds and WiiU version(For local play with some other members of the family besides me and my little bro: $60 + $40 x 2 is less than 4 straight 3ds copies...)

mrbojingles2283d ago

@ GynGa

True, but does having those slightly more late games take away from it either? The only way it would is if the Wii U versions are somehow worse.

wiiulee2283d ago

couldnt agree more.....the wiiu has a great lineup of games and there are more to come...nintendo got all the major games at launch on the wiiu

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