IGN AU reviews Turok: 'unrelentingly mediocre'

Closing comments from the review by Cam Shea:

"Propaganda Games would probably be quite happy for us to describe Turok as an unrelenting experience. Sadly, it's not unrelenting in quite the way the team would have been hoping. Instead, it's unrelentingly mediocre and unrelentingly derivative. Turok is not a bad game, but almost every element, from the visuals to the weapons, the AI and the level design are regressive. This game is built on the foundations of shooter-past, and as such it fails to ever really engage the player."

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dachiefsman3819d ago

i agree........i already wrote about my disappointments...

DFresh3819d ago

This game didn't even come close to living to the hype promised by the series.
Greedy and lazy this game looks like.
Story line: Horrible!
Graphics: Decent on both the 360 and PS3 with Sony having th best graphics with the right proper settings and an HDMI Cable.
Demo- Crappy: How do get any graphical detail by starting off the demo in a dark cave why not show the game off in a jungle or forest?
Controls: Bad- too many unnecessary button pushing with two different to work to different guns instead of just one button for you weapons.
Dialogue- It's like a nerdy dork wrote it.