Grand Theft Auto III PS2 Classic Update (9/25 Release)

Chris writes: "Originally delayed due to a music issue, it seems that everything is a go with a September 25th release date being listed."

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topgun332195d ago

This should have been a HD collection with all three GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas with trophy support. This is a disrespect to two of the greatest games to ever grace the ps2

blumatt2195d ago

They had better release Vice City and San Andreas too, which are both better than GTA 3. GTA 3 was fun too.

bahabeast2195d ago

trophies on this would make it EPIC! but i think i still want.

milohighclub2195d ago

I want san Andreas n vice city on android please....gta3 on highest settings looks fantastic on my s3

Unztayble2195d ago

I'd pay for an HD release of Vice City & San Andreas. I want it on disc though.

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The story is too old to be commented.