RipTen Review: Jet Set Radio HD (PSN)

Ben Rowland wrote: When Jet Set Radio (or Jet Grind Radio to those in North America) was released for the Sega Dreamcast back in 2000, it was a stone-cold stunner. Addictive gameplay, vibrant cell-shaded graphics and a criminally catchy soundtrack all combined to make it a system seller. Twelve years and two console generations later, Jet Set Radio is back with a highly anticipated HD re-release. For a game so fondly remembered by so many, the weight of nostalgia sets the bar very high. Unfortunately, while much of the charm still remains, it’s just not enough to reach former heights.

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PaladinXII2277d ago

Nostalgia is a harsh, harsh mistress.

bfenty2276d ago

Too bad...should have been good.

Nostradavis2277d ago

You know what hurts more than misguided nostalgia? Stepping on a nail. That really hurts.

ChocolateGiddyUp2277d ago

You ever take off all your clothes and run backwards through a cornfield?

Me neither, but that's got to be pretty bad, too.

ToZanarkand862277d ago

The levels where you gotta tag the rivals are REALLY irritating

from the beach2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

I love those levels, but I can see them being annoying if you stumble a lot.

I've heard a few people saying this remake isn't very good, that it doesn't fix the slowdown and stuff like that.

Those are legitimate concerns, but the game's basic formula remains as amazingly good as it was then.

browland12277d ago

The controls were the biggest issue, which led to plenty of stumbling and unintentional run-ins with the police. The basic formula, as well as the look, are still good. Sadly, the gameplay just doesn't hold up as well.

from the beach2277d ago

The controls were fine but this isn't a game for the win button generation, you have to learn how to play it and then play it with precision and skill. These concepts are alien to modern gamers.

Running into the police happens if you play the game badly, as does moving around slowly, falling off things and generally looking like an oaf.

The game was loved at release because people still knew how to play videogames back then, the difference now is people simply won't take the time to learn what isn't handed to them on a plate!

ToZanarkand862277d ago

i like the game dont get me wrong. Any forst party dreamcast game is a good game to me! Just little things that can get annoying.

In general the game still looks great and plays mostly great.

Still... Its not Shenmue.

browland12277d ago

It'll be interesting to see if Shenmue ever gets ported, and how it will hold up on our current generation consoles.

ToZanarkand862277d ago

I disagree, it wont be interestin, itll be agonising! Haha ive been waiting waaaayyy to long for Shenmue. Its my all time favourite game.

All Shenmue needs is the camera mapping to the second analogue stick. THATS IT. No game has ever immersed me like that one.