Hand of Fate: New DC Universe Online DLC Adds Heroic and Villainous Episodes

Posted by Larry Liberty // Executive Producer, DC Universe Online -

Tomorrow, DC Universe Online‘s latest DLC pack, Hand of Fate, will go live. Hand of Fate is our fifth DLC pack, and it will be unlike anything we’ve offered to date. We’re incredibly excited for you to check it out.

We have designed this DLC to get you and your friends fighting again in DCUO’s open world. We want you back out there, battling in the DC Universe’s most storied locations – Gotham City and Metropolis. With the massive open world areas in the game, we felt it was time that we enriched these areas in unexpected ways to give you a deeper gameplay experience as you encounter the world and other players.

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Sonyslave32281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

woot i just unlock dr fate pvp legend today.He kick ass

Felix3132280d ago

Shame the DLC is bugged to fuck - not to mention the killer lagfest in the open world (especially on PS3).