Starhawk “Multiplayer Edition” Headed To PSN

Chris writes: "It looks like PlayStation exclusive Starhawk will be seeing its multiplayer mode available for download on the PlayStation store. The Hong Kong PlayStation website lists the “Starhawk™ Multiplayer Edition” to be released on September 26th."

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crimsonfox2283d ago

I was in love with Warhawk on PS3 I literally have 100's of hours logged into that game. But i was really let down by Starhawk. The character designs for the enemies were weak, All the weapons felt cheap the Mech's where clunky and annoying, the flying with the mechs sucked. People I played with on Warhawk never abused the hovering to much to the point I thought it broke the game or anything it was perfect for taking out enemy jeeps. I could go on about why I didn't like Starhawk but it'd take to long. anyone who hasn't played Warhawk for some reason would be much better off avoiding Starhawk altogether and just getting Warhawk.

Nimblest-Assassin2283d ago

This is a brilliant move... the campaign for starhawk really dragged it down

But the mp is awesome... hopefully this will breath some life into it

SoundGamer2283d ago

Although the meat of the game is MP, I thought the campaign was just fine.

Andreas-Sword2283d ago

I think also, the multiplayer mode of Starhawk is awesome and fun.

BitbyDeath2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Warhawk is the best online game of all time, sure hope Lightbox's next project is Warhawk 2 and they completely ignore everything they did on Starhawk.

Or better yet they should just remake Warhawk (PS3) for the PS4. Add a couple more maps and maybe even get rid of hover mode (don't even have to go that far), instant money from me.

doogiebear2283d ago

NO, Metal Gear Online is the best online game ever. Warhawk is a close second :P

ginsunuva2282d ago

No Warhawk is actually first. You have to suffe through the 5-month learning curve before it becomes fun. Then it becomes the best MP game ever.

yami9302283d ago

Completely understand, and I agree, thats why I have been posting on the forum and other places they should really consider making a "Warhawk Mode" for Starhawk, make it same rules / gameplay / overall feel of Warhawk, like equipable knife, no shotgun replace it with flame thrower, make the Repair tool and Grinder 1 weapon (Construction Tool or something along those lines for name), no health regen or make it slower and make the rift energy health or something, minimum or no build and battle, grenades explode on impact, tanks shoot and handle like warhawk tanks, starhawks feel like warhawks while flying, snipers are 1 hit kill, no "skills" (perks) etc. It be awesome to have a lot of skins release too, maybe cameos, warhawk skins and others.

BigStef712283d ago

Really awesome game that everyone that has a ps3 should try. This is very smart move because the game is multiplayer focused and should be able to get the attention of allot of people like warhawk did when they released it on psn

nevin12283d ago

I liked the Warhawk demo. Didnt like Starhawk beta.

Anyway, This is the future. KZ3 multiplayer can be bought on PSN. But wonder will this also have a $15 price and trail period.

Parappa2283d ago

I'd rather just wait for a Warhawk sequel.

Parappa2283d ago

No it isn't. That's like calling Dark Souls a Demon's Souls sequel. "Spiritual successors" aren't sequels.

MysticStrummer2283d ago

Starhawk is most definitely not a sequel to Warhawk.

dalibor2283d ago

Warhawk was totally fun online. One of my favorite games to play online as was MGO so I definitely will get this for I have not gotten Starhawk yet.

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