BOOM BLOX Interview: Louis Castle - GameDaily

Last week, GameDaily talked to Electronic Arts game maker, Louis Castle, known for his work on the Command & Conquer game series, to get more details about the game and Spielberg's vision for BOOM BLOX.

GameDaily: With talk about Steven Spielberg being behind the game, who came up with the idea behind BOOM BLOX?

Louis Castle: It's actually Spielberg's concept. He was inspired by his play session with Miyamoto on the Wii and came to us, since we had an agreement to work with him on multiple titles, and said, "I'd really like to make a game that I can play with my kids for the Wii since it's just a fantastic system." So that was the genesis of it all and I was just getting off of sabbatical and Neil [Young] said to me, "Do you want to work with Spielberg on a game?" And I said, "Yeah ... sure. Why not?"

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