Why Sony Won't Be Too Worried About the Wii U

Push Square: "They’d never admit it, but the upper-executives at Sony Computer Entertainment were no doubt glued to Nintendo’s pre-release Wii U press conferences last week. After a disappointing E3 showing, the competitor pulled out all the stops to convince consumers its latest platform is worth paying attention to – and judging from the reaction, it looks like it was fairly successful too. But with the new console set to shake up the industry later this year, what impact will it have on the PlayStation 3? And what can Sony do to ensure that its aging system’s final years in the spotlight are as successful as possible?"

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NYC_Gamer2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Sony/MS shouldn't be worried.It's not like Wii-U being successful would get in the way of customers buying PS4/720 units.PS3/360 will be fine it's not like every owner will trade them/stop playing just because a new console is launched.

LOGICWINS2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

I predict that the PS4/720 are a lot farther away than we think. There are sooo many AAA titles coming out on the PS3/360 to even justify the need for a new console for most gamers. The people who rushed out to pre-order the Wii U are opportunists who want to make a nice profit on Ebay and the hardcore gaming minority that spends 20-25 hours a week playing games.

live2play2281d ago

dont forget the casuals who get easily convined they need the latest thing shown on TODAY and Goodmorning America etc

i agree that playstation still has alot coming and more that can be squeezed out

people get it in their minds that just because nintendo released a console, they have to rush theirs.

tehpees32280d ago

It sounds like Microsoft isn't far off launching their system. Either late next year or a slight delay. PS4 no idea.

Mind you Sony have put themselves in a bad position. They took heavy losses on PS3. And they need to get Vita off the ground. At this point they obviously don't want to think about PS4 since they are striving to get as much money back as possible on PS3 and getting Vita off the ground. Thing is they have to because it seems like Microsoft's target is next year.

360ICE2280d ago

Sony are in a bad position, no doubt. But the PlayStation brand has suffered too much from the losses. Sony still has a huge line up of first party developers, like Nintendo has, in a time where third party exclusives are on the decline.

But yeah. I do hope both 360 and PS3 will remember the hardcore.

360ICE2280d ago

@Reply to my own comment
I meant that they HAVEN'T suffered too much. Not that they have. Sorry, peeps.

guitarded772280d ago

As a gamer, I'm happy as all hell right now. The market has finally proven that three consoles can coexist and flourish, giving us gamers more, and better choices. Sony offers something different than Nintendo, but also the same. Sony shouldn't "worry" by any means, but Sony should keep doing what they are doing, which is be competitive.

I agree with you Logic... I too think next gen for Sony/MS is farther away than people have been saying. So many thought MS or Sony would unveil a new console at E3... I thought they were high. Sony hasn't even gone to the $200 price point for the PS3 yet. Odds are, E3 2013 announcement with a holiday 2014 release. I've been saying that for a while now. There is a possibility of a 2013 release, but Sony/MS don't have to rush... it's not so much that Wii U is on par/a little better than the current HD consoles. It's the fact that Nintendo is having to build their online infrastructure from scratch, while Sony/MS have theirs in place for next gen. Sony/MS can take their time engineering the best hardware they can because what they have in place can compete with what Nintendo has right now.

All that said, I can't wait to get my Wii U, I can't wait to get my PS4, and I can't wait to get my NeXBOX. I know I have to wait though; but the longer I wait, the better it will be.

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live2play2281d ago

(a little about me, huge nintendo fanboy)

that is true

just because the wiiu will sell alot
doesnt mean the other consoles wont

people like having variety
and playstation has exclusives that are loved by the fans

as long as exclusives live on, people will want different consoles

Sono4212280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

Exactly, i'm with you on this one, I wouldn't call myself a Nintendo Fanboy, but this gen I own a Wii and a PS3 and next gen (Unless Microsoft shows something that blows my mind, like not having to pay for online for starters) I plan on doing the same with a Wii U and PS4 combo, but dang I never thought id say this but I hope the PS4 is still a little ways away, lol. Just because my wallets already getting a pretty big dent. Wii U $350, Zombie U $60, Rayman Legends $60, NSMBU $60, The Last of Us $60, Beyond Two souls $60, Pikmin 3 $60, and Batman Arkham City $60 (Already got Black ops 2 fully paid off). That's $770 total.. and that's just for me! I still have to buy Christmas presents too!

Thatguy-3102280d ago

Most people if not all that have a ps3/xbox360 will buy the next gen consoles over WiiU when the time comes. Doubt they will jump ships to only getting the wii u. I mean I'll be getting one just to have something to fill in the crave for a next gen console but you bet I'll be getting the successors to the other two for sure. Plus sony has some of my favorite franchises and im kind of loyal to their platform so I have to get it. Sony has nothing to worry about because i know im not the only one.

get2sammyb2280d ago

Actually, recent rumours have suggested that PS4 is closer to release than the next Xbox, but we'll see. Either way, the article tries to avoid discussion about next-generation, because we just don't know what's going on behind the scenes.

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LOGICWINS2281d ago

All Sony needs to do is drop the hammer already.

Keep the 160GB model at $249.99, but release an 80GB model for $199. Also, bundle the 80GB with a PS Vita for $349.99

GribbleGrunger2281d ago

I would imagine that's exactly what Sony are going to do. The rumour for the 12GB flash memory PS3 is getting stronger so you might actually see a Vita/PS3 bundle that's similarly priced to the Wiiu. Of course they'll be a MOVE bundle too which would probably be even cheaper

stuna12280d ago


You bring up a very believable point! A 12gb ps3 + Vita bundle would be a compelling reason for some to for-go buying a WII U.

More than likely it would be competitively priced in relation to the WII U, but it could also have something that beneficial in the long run! A well established back catalogue of games already available as well as future games and support.

GribbleGrunger2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

Yes, I find it very difficult to argue this point without someone assuming it's ante Nintendo. My actual position on this is that the Vita/PS3 combo could live harmoniously with the Wiiu. In fact both consoles could thrive because of it.

Consider the risk for developers to hit an unknown install base or an install base that pales into insignificance alongside an established console of around 66 million units. Now consider how beneficial it would be for those developers if that risk could be lessened by hitting two markets instead of one.

This would be great for Nintendo because they would get more support and those games could take full advantage of the 25GB on both machines. In fact, if Sony haven't already approached some devs with that suggestion, I would be shocked.

Nintendo have just handed both Sony and MS an easy way of sustaining a ten year lifecycle... but like I said, that's good for Nintendo too. Sony have that covered with the Vita/PS3 combo, while MS have it covered with Smartglass; although one has to say that the Vita/PS3 combo looks more likely to be able to emulate the Wiiu perfectly, but for a few minor things. Unless Microsoft can release a controller with a screen attached, they're going to struggle far more to get support from Wiiu developers than Sony.

For that very reason, I believe that Sony will release the PS4 far later than the 720. I doesn't matter what sort of lead the 720 gets, Sony will have the income of the PSP/PS2/PS3/PSVita, as well as PSMobile and any Android device that supports it. It's about making money, not winning imaginary races.

Anon19742280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

It's interesting to look back at what happened with the PS2. Roughly 5 years in the PS2 sat at about 70 million consoles. Then the PS2 slim launched at a price of $149 and 70 million proved to have been the halfway point in the PS2's lifetime sales figures.

The PS3 should hit about 70 million this holiday season if it continues to sell like it is, 6 years into it's lifecycle. If the super slim launches at $149 as we're seeing predicted, could this simply be the mid point of the PS3's lifetime sales as well? And who can forget what happened when the XBox and Gamecube launched into that environment.

Of course, I'm not suggesting that's what's going to happen this time around. Obviously we have no way of knowing how consumers will take to the new hardware and many industry factors are different now, but it is interesting to take a moment and look back at what happened in previous gens.

tokugawa2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

you talk absolute rubbish in order to make yourself and the other fanboys feel good.

"Roughly 5 years in the PS2 sat at about 70 million consoles". and you desperately try and sound like you are "in the know"

i know that you hate it, but coming off of the back of the ps2, the ps3 has not really set the world on fire in the sales department

at 5 yrs the ps2 had already smashed everyone and all records. no matter how much you try, you cannot distort the facts to fit your own warped views... unless ofcourse sony themselves lied, and you know more than them?

kneon2280d ago

There won't be an 80gb model, 80gb drives aren't even in standard production anymore so it would cost more to put in an 80gb drive than a 160gb. Even the 160's will soon be gone as the smallest drives still widely available now are 250gb. And the price difference to go up to a 750gb is as little as $25 depending on model and manufacturer.

What they should do is release one with no hard drive and just let you get whatever drive you want.

wiiu_peeu2281d ago

The vita/ps3 bundle does sound like a good buy and i believe those rumors of the new super slim might be true if that is the case they are covering all grounds. If that baby is at 150 or so they will make a super killing.

Raider692280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

What super killing?The vast majority of the gamers already haves a PS3 and a 360,what people want its new tech,and the Wii U is just that, even if it is just 2 times more powerfull than a ps3 and a 360 it brings a new way of playing to the table and its new in the market.A price cut on the PS3 AND 360 dont gona make so much hurt on the WII U sales like some people think.Or maybe Sony is expecting that the SONY fanboy league will go and buy another PS3 To help them.

stuna12280d ago

But you're acting live the vita isn't considered new tech! I for one think that this is a pretty good marriage of tech! Two pieces of electronic equipment, able to operate independent of one another, but also able to work in unison.

Sure the vita is almost a year old, but it nowhere near being tapped of what its true portential.

ChunkyLover532280d ago

Each company is likely to get a piece of the pie, but in terms of winning the generation, Sony and Microsoft have got to be on edge at least a bit. Wii dominated this generation and I remember how Sony made a lot of jokes at Nintendo's expense at E3 2006. Things weren't so funny when the Wii was selling tens of millions of consoles.

A year early start, new core franchises like Bayonetta 2, decent online for a change, and a pretty good price point are all things in Nintendo's favor. Lets not forget that some people want new hardware very badly.

SoapShoes2280d ago

The thing is is that the ps3 and 360 are still going strong so the whole argument that everyone already has one who wants one is incorrect. The PS3 is STILL the Wii's launch price and a price drop will spur sells whether or not it's at Nintendo's expense.

I think Nintendo is actually at a disadvantage. Unlike the original Wii it is competing against established consoles that are in their prime and still getting lots of exclusives with a huge back catalogue. The competition is very much stronger than launching against a new console with limited games. The Wii u has hype because it's the new thing but when that initial hype wears off it remains to be seen if it can sustain it especially when the other consoles inevitably get announced. This gen just shows it's anybody's game. No one thought the Wii would do so well when it was announced.

CGI-Quality2280d ago

Right now, Nintendo has a lot to prove with the WiiU, despite being the right track. Sure, things weren't so funny when they were selling millions, but they're first out of the gate this time because the Wii was still behind in a crucial area, the "core" (for lack of a better word) market.

Regardless of the want / need for new hardware, if there's not enough to pull the "core" from Microsoft / Sony, the year head-start (at least) won't look as well placed.

I currently have a WiiU pre-ordered, because I'm just the kind of gamer / buyer Nintendo wants to attract, but not everyone like me will pre-order or buy @ launch.

Outside_ofthe_Box2280d ago

***"but not everyone like me will pre-order or buy @ launch."***

That's something he'll never understand.

Hicken2280d ago

Let's keep in mind that a win in one generation is no guarantee of a win the next generation. The NES and SNES both won their generations, but the N64 was beat out by the upstart Playstation, whose successor saw victory the next gen as well.

That sets a trend for being victorious two consecutive years before someone else takes over. But no one's position is certain this upcoming gen: Nintendo has abandoned its all-out assault on the casual market in favor of a more balanced approach; Microsoft has marginalized their core for the casual market; and Sony's financial situation may hamper the effort they put into their next-gen offering.

With that in mind, I think EVERYONE should be on edge.

DivineAssault 2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

PS3 will be cheaper, have more media services, & many more games than Wii U so they should be fine.. Late console adopters may be tempted to get wii u instead of PS3 due to power but if the software isnt there, that would be pointless.. PS3 will continue to sell well after PS4 launches & thats all Sony needs to worry about as far as wii u.. I myself like nintendo but its secondary to my PS.. i own both for exclusives but sony gets full 3rd party support on top of exclusives.. Nintendo is strictly for exclusive games.

with games like Last of Us, Beyond 2 souls, GOW ascension, tales of xillia, & Ni No Kuni just to name a few, gtn PS3 instead of Wii U is a no brainer.. Now the end of 2013 or 2014, Wii U may look more attractive however PS4 will be on the horizon if not released.. Everyone knows those games look beautiful & promising on top of PS4 going to be significantly stronger w btr features w guaranteed support from 3rd party..

Sono4212280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

Glad I own a PS3, and plan on getting the Wii U and PS4. Too bad fanboys can't also experience this amazing combo. (DivineAssault)

DivineAssault 2280d ago

i know.. Like me owning wii & ps3 right now right? lol i have all the systems & will have them all again nx gen (minus xbox).. Just not buying wii u til all the heavy hitters get released & i see how well the features are.. PS4 is top priority & wii u is secondary.. Saving up $50/month to be prepped for launch

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