How To Get Ready For Borderlands 2

TheScrubDaily:"Soon, Borderlands 2 will come to us from the gaming heavens, bullets and explosions following its return to Earth. I doubt you are ready. These types of games take up real life hours to complete.

Real life doesn't leave us alone, so to help my fellow gamers assemble themselves correctly, I've cobbled together a decent list of how to avoid the trappings of reality."

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MrDead2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

How To Get Ready For Borderlands 2..

Step 1: Make sure you have money to buy the game.
Step 2: Buy the game

You are now ready.

AngelicIceDiamond2283d ago

@article yeah, you do that.

While I'll play the game like normal person. Take breaks, hang with friends, school, work, exercise.

jjb19812283d ago

I have school, a 5 month old baby, errands and house chores... I guess ill have to cut back on sleep and increase my triple venti iced coffee intake...