Why MMOs don’t work on consoles

"One of the areas in which PC gaming has always had the upper hand over its console counterparts is the MMO market. While there have been a few moderately successful console MMOs in the past, such as Final Fantasy for the PS2 and Xbox 360, for the most part they seem to be unsuccessful and few in number. Just look at how quickly DC Universe switched to a Free-to-Play model since first being released on the PS3."

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ATi_Elite2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

1. Consoles lack the proper Hardware (Ram and GPU power) along with Dedicated Servers to properly run an MMO.

2. It's a pain in the Devs arse to get permission from Sony or MS to make constant changes and add new content without charging the gamer for it.

MMO's require 24/7 support in the beginning and most Console Dev teams have to jump on their next game as soon as the current one gets released.

3. Consolers are not hip too or just dis like MMO's as it's a Genre not MADE for the "Console Experience" anyway.

Anyway all this will change NExt Console Gen as the Xbox 720/PS4 will be x86-64 machines with capable Ram and Gpu power.

The F2P format along with Micro-transactions will grab the attention of many Consolers looking for a different Online gaming Experience.

MMO's come in ALL genres of gaming, RTS, RPG, Sports, FPS, etc. so just don't be narrow minded and think all MMO's are like World of Warcraft cause they are NOT!

Recnef2280d ago

Having had an amazingly awesome time playing Final Fantasy XI first on my PS2 back when it first released (adding FFXI to my PS2 also expanded my PS2 since the game came with a hard drive for the console) and later on Xbox I have to disagree with that contention... I think that if an MMO is well-planned it can work just fine on console.

zgoldenlionz2279d ago

Yep ffxi is an awesome mmo on consoles. I played for almost 7 years and loved it.

HiddenMission2280d ago

I think DCUO says that they do since the title keeps expanding and is really fun

SolidDuck2280d ago

DC was just an average mmo tho. Its not like it was popular on PC either. In fact I read that like 70 percent of there users were on ps3. We have yet to see what a great mmo would do on consoles. Hopefully next Gen we find out.

Godmars2902280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

And yet in regards to articles like this we never hear about how MMO's are doing on consoles. No one reports on them, people just say that they're either failing or exist.

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