PlayStation Store Preview – September 18, 2012

PSLS: This week’s highlights are the Resident Evil 6 demo, and Jet Set Radio HD. Outside of those two, there is still plenty of other demos, DLC, and games for you to download. On the PlayStation Vita front, today is the last week of emptiness until the season of Vita really kicks off. But for now, there are plenty of new PSOne Classics being made available on the PS Vita storefront. Be sure to visit our Coming Soon section for a glimpse of the massive onslaught of PlayStation Vita games that begins in just one week and lasts the entire holiday season.

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ftwrthtx2277d ago

Can't wait til we get some serious PS Vita content.

-Mika-2277d ago

Ya it was really sad looking a the vita list but that all going to change in October.

knifefight2277d ago

I hope the market responds positively. I'm tired of all this good stuff being on Vita but its sales just constantly showing underachievement =/
I really hope it has a good holiday season.

Xof2276d ago

No, we all are desperately HOPING it will change in October.

Because after October comes November. And then December. And then 2013. And then 2014.

And if Sony doesn't step up their game from "doing jack shit" to doing "something," all of us poor sods who bought a Vita will be stuck with the biggest console flop since the Dreamcast.

kikizoo2276d ago

yeah yeah xof, like ps3..who sold better every year than your (has been) console of choice..

Crazyglues2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Wait are games starting to drop at the same time as retail release... because Wow Broderlands 2 &F1 2012 are on that list...

Amazing.. This really is how it should have been all along.. (you can get the digital copy if you like at the same time it's released to stores)

I hope this is how all games will release now.. - I may not always do a download copy, but I like having the option.


-Mika-2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

It was a bad Idea launching borderlands 2 this week. The RE6 demo will be getting alot of people attention this week. I can not wait!

MysticStrummer2277d ago

I'd say the opposite. I'll be getting Borderlands 2 at midnight so I probably won't think about what's new in the PS Store for days. Also, the RE series peaked at RE2 in my opinion, so when I finally do look at what's new in the PS Store the RE6 demo won't have a chance of being downloaded by me. But, to each their own. : )

CanadianTurtle2277d ago

That makes no sense :S ....

Anyone who can afford BL2 can get both since the demo for RE is free.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2276d ago

Maybe -Mika- is just THAT broke lol :3

But on a serious note i'd choose BL2 over any modern day RE ANY day of the week. MY OPINION.

Resistance_lord2276d ago

Dude I got it at Target last night(Early Release), Great game I'm loving the Vita right now :D

wiiu_peeu2277d ago

I just picked up lbp vita!!!!!! Cant wait to get home to play it. Most stores have broken street date at least in nyc where i live.

alexcosborn2277d ago

Keep the content coming :)

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The story is too old to be commented.