Why The Walking Dead is the Best Zombie Game Available

Adam from NoobFeed explains why The Walking Dead is the best zombie game available. While this series is well-known among comic and television enthusiast the game version has developed its own path within the series and maintained the same drama that has pleased fans.

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sarydactl2075d ago

It's nice to see a zombie game actually take advantage of the genre and deliver a good story.

rbailey2075d ago

I'm still surprised that some people I know are sleeping on this game. Not only is it the best use of storytelling but it also completely changes the way one would think about a point and click game. Telltale have knocked this out the park and deserve all the props they are getting for it.

Trenta272075d ago

Indeed. Once they fix those damn bugs, it'll be even more perfect.

rbailey2075d ago

You're right.. those bug are annoying. I would say they are more annoying then the release schedule of the episodes themselves lol

Soldierone2075d ago

I have several friends that were all mad because its not about shooting the zombies and its about changing the story....seriously?

It's a friggin awesome game that any person calling themselves a gamer should at least try. Then again these friends only play COD or Battlefield 24/7

Rupee2075d ago

Agreed! Love this game.

Chuk52075d ago

My personal goty thus far.

Nercay2075d ago

The walking dead game is amazing!

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