Wii U Finally Gives Gamer’s Something To Get Excited About

This is the console cycle that just wont end, both console and game sales have been horrendous of late, stagnation has gripped a once booming gaming industry. We’ve had a steady influx of sequel after sequel, part of the reason for this is that sequels are easier to code for, and if a developer already has an engine, they can easily crank out more in a timely matter. Even though we still get good games, and there is a lot to look forward to in the next year or so, the industry and fans needed something to get excited about, something to break us out of this slump. Nintendo has given us something to truly get excited about, after six long years of the same hardware, we are finally going to get something new.

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Hatsune-Miku1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

Wii u finally gives NES fanatics something to get excited about.

Gamers have been playing Wii u type games for years so they wouldn't get excited about something they've been experiencing for over 6 years. The Mario games and such are basically the same except for the galaxy ones

I was so excited for the Wii u because I thought Nintendo would wise up from what happened with the Wii and lack of third party support . I sat for years and months waiting for good games to play on the wii and the little I did get gameplay was hindered because of the rubbish controls. I had to buy proper third party games on Xbox and ps3 while apologizing and make excuses for why Nintendo didn't need to make a powerful machine. I useto tell people how only gameplay matters but I couldn't even play with those awefull controllers. Imagine if Nintendo didn't bother with the £150 controller and beefed up the hardware with 6gbs of ram and a better video card.

Wii u will be a repeat of the Wii where it'll get overlooked for xbox 720 and ps4. Devs would rather the sales potential on more core established machines other than one that is a poser. Xbox 720 , ps4 » Wii u

SonyNGP1914d ago

Your Morrigan account got banned huh?

ChunkyLover531914d ago

Devs are already familiar with the architecture that the Wii U uses. I think the leap PS4 and Xbox 720 wont be as big as people are hyping. The Wii U will compete with both and might even end up being the lead console on some games, especially since developers will of had longer periods of time to work with those kits.

Some people are so ignorant when it comes to home consoles, they try and compare them to PC's, which are running all kinds of systems and need a ton of Ram. Home consoles don't need all of that, people think the PS3 puts out great graphics and that has 215k or something like that. The Wii U will be fine and will do fine. I'm not sure why gamer's would be against the console, the industry is faltering and this could be the thing to perk it up again.

Hatsune-Miku1914d ago

Lol. You are insane if you think Wii u will be close to the power of next-gen systems where Wii u will be lead platform for certain multiplatform titles having next gen systems getting the ports. You really made me laugh because it is so ridiculous.

PopRocks3591914d ago


Crystal ball. Show me. Now.

ninjabake1914d ago

Still complaining and trolling Nintendo on every article? Smh. We get it. You don't like the Wii U, or Nintendo, moving on...

ChickeyCantor1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

"Gamers have been playing Wii u type games for years"

Oh yeah PS4/NextBox will have games that aren't Gears of war. Or God of War. Or Uncharted. Or Halo. etc....right?

Explain what a next gen game is. Because I'm pretty sure it's the same stuff from this gen just with "prettier" graphics. It seems to be your exact complaint.

Also you are under the impression that Nintendo is only permitting "ports". Your reasoning is full of bs dude.

KonaBro1913d ago

More like games in the current gen that Nintendo is trying to hype everyone up about. Sorry, but I'm not getting excited about slightly updated graphics on games that have already come out this year.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

"This is the console cycle that just want end" tell me about it. That's why I'm exited to get the WiiU. Can't wait to play ZombiU and Mario. I have a feeling Xbox 720 will be heavily Kinect focused and I just don't care about Kinect at all. I really do like Nintendo's approach much better. As far as Playstation 4 I have no idea what they're up to.

ChunkyLover531914d ago

Kinect 2.0 will be featured with the Xbox 720 no doubt, but its core gamer's who rush out and buy new hardware on day one. just like with the original Xbox and the Xbox 360. I wouldn't expect much for Kinect at launch, probably some voice support and things like that.

Its myth that Microsoft abandoned core gamer's, the elongated console generation forced Microsoft to find a way to get more mileage from the Xbox 360, so Kinect was born. It brought in families and casual gamer's to join the core gamer's who already piqued with their Xbox 360 purchases. Microsoft puts out some of the most core titles around, both retail and XBLA, they are also the ones that get things like Dawnguard and COD map packs first.

I'll agree the number of titles per year has gone down, but we are in an underrepresented console cycle, its never gone this long before. I think their developers have been working on 720 games since 2010, which explains the slow down....still, I'm stoked that they are still releasing AAA core titles like Forza Horizon, Halo 4 and Gears Of War Judgment 7+ years into its cycle. I don't think a console in the history of gaming got AAA support like that 7-8 years into the cycle.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1914d ago

Well AAA core games into the Xbox 360 7+ year cycle is just constant sequels. If they made some great new IP it would be different but it just Forza, Fable, CoD, Halo over and over again. It to the point where you barely if at all see any advancements in graphics or almost anything for that matter. It's gotten stale at this point.

The gameplay evolves a bit but if new consoles were out they could make great advances on graphics, gameplay, and new experiences.

Pillsbury11913d ago

It's a good thing there's ps3 that's still pumping out original IPs like last of us and beyond, so glad I sold my Xbox 360, never again Microsoft.

wiiulee1913d ago

nintendo is bringing out a great system..killer games....end of story