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LittleBigPlanet has landed on the PlayStation Vita. That means you should just go buy it.

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TongkatAli2280d ago

Sony should treat this as its biggest franchise. Sony market this game ASAP or it will get bad sales, mark my words.

TheLastGuardian2280d ago

You're right. It is Sony's biggest and best franchise imo. I sure hope they advertise this game well. It's the Vita's best game so far.

wiiu_peeu2280d ago

I bought one already so i already helped. And im telling you i have a good feeling lbpvita will sell more than ppl think.

PirateThom2280d ago

Mine is paid off and should be here before Friday release date. Even from the beta, the levels seem really well designed and, dare I say, more challenging than any we've seen thus far?