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SlavisH22040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

Looking forward to this. I hope they add a co-op horde aka me3

MAJ0R2039d ago

I hope he's being sarcastic...

Funny though, the article picture is of Dragon Age: Origins (an amazing RPG) but BioWare just announced Dragon Age 3: Inquisition (quick time event, button mashing, dumbed down to the max.) Sorry I just had to, no sugar coating here. I think we all know what's coming.

beerkeg2039d ago

I hope it's a return to form for Dragon Age, but I have a feeling you could be right Major.

decrypt2039d ago

Unfortunately it will be designed with controller in mind. just means it will never have the tactical game play of the original.

Hell even in Dragon age origins the console version was significantly dumbed down for console use. Since it was a known fact that controllers can never handle all the inputs required. The game on console featured far less mobs etc and was basically a hack and slash game. The real game was always on the PC.

Unfortunately they dumbed down Dragon age 2 with console style gameplay in mind. I expect more of the same with DA3. They just wont learn lol.

da_2pacalypse2039d ago

As nuts as he is... I fear that EA's with him on this one *facepalm*

It's like we all know what's coming, but we're too afraid to admit it... We're all hoping Bioware just makes a proper RPG game again and we don't have to worry about any tacked on MP modes.... year right, we're all in denial lol

Blacktric2039d ago

Oh great. EA is making Frostbite 2 the next Unreal Engine 3. Next up is probably using it in their mobile games...

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thorstein2039d ago

I would consider this DA2. That other thing was abominable. And I think he is trying to be funny.

NewMonday2039d ago

they need to fix:

1)the dungeons
2)the decision making and it's significance to the story
3)usefulness of the loot
4)Relevancy of the party members
5)it should look better than a PS2 HD port at this point in the life span of the 360 & PS3

jeseth2039d ago

DA2 did some good things. Had Origins not gone before it I think it would have been received better. It veered too far from what people were expecting but on its own DA2 was a great game.

I'm looking forward to DA3. Go back a little more towards the Origins roots but keep the battle system geered more toward the DA2 style and I think the fans will come back around.

Lets hope they can pull it out!

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shodan742039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

Riiiiiight. Because if there's one thing Dragon Age 2 was missing, it was multiplayer...

Lord_Sloth2039d ago

Yeah. Because multiplayer and party based games just don't mix. >___>

In fact, when I'm playing Borderlands, I always think to myself "if only my partners were AI and incompetent morons instead of actual people capable of thinking.

SilentNegotiator2039d ago

I wasn't expecting the Dragon Age Inquisition.

shodan742039d ago

Nobody expects the Dragon Age Inquisition!

Eamon2039d ago

Damn you guys! I wanted to start it first!

Megaton2039d ago

Oh you don't have to hope, it'll be there. EA's head honcho proudly stated that he will not greenlight games unless they have multiplayer components. Expect ruin.

Eamon2039d ago

Didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition.

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NYC_Gamer2040d ago

Will DA3 be another casual experience from Bioware?

Carl_Shocker2039d ago

Well lets just say if it is then thats it for shows you there in too deep for them to change back to what they were like.

I mean people are looking at DA3 as a way for Bioware to prove themselfs again, if they mess up then thats it, they blew it

Dovahkiin2039d ago

Let's all hope so, Bioware have it in them to make an amazing game. It's all in how much EA feel like holding them back.

RivetCityGhoul2040d ago

the frostbite 2 engine? wow, well at least we know there wont be anyone complaining about the graphics

_-EDMIX-_2039d ago

I predicted months ago that Dragon Age and the next Mass Effect (ie Next gen Mass Effect) would use the FrostBite 2 instead of Unreal 4. Happy to actually see that some of that prediction is coming true.


Dark112039d ago

a bigger map or no buy.