Playstation Super-Slim: Flysheet Shows New Console for the First Time

A polish flysheet shows the new ps3 ultra-slim for the very first time.

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shadowwizard2279d ago

Poland, go figure, first RE6, now this, lulz.

Greetings from Slovakia.

b_one2279d ago

oh oh, they are just jerking off nothing more its a major RTV seller in poland...

guitarded772279d ago

Now people will be complaining about how Poland gets everything first.

b_one2279d ago

haha, good one :)

I supose its only a flysheet, some time ago they posted dinsoaurs on it, im guessin they did not came back to life...

Hatsune-Miku2279d ago

I can't wait for the slimmer 500gb ps3. I'm more excited for the slimmer ps3 than I am a Wii u. With the ps3 I can expect a lot of exclusive titles this year and next where I barely see any for the Wii u.

DaCajun2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Your comment needed to include your anti-Nintendo comment why? Not like I don't see you trolling every Nintendo article as it is with your fanboy hate, now you have to drag it into a PS3 article.

fr0sty2279d ago

Nothing wrong with a person expressing the fact that one console has them more excited than another. No need to bitch and moan about it.

Hatsune-Miku2279d ago

My comment includes my opinion , facts and disappointment of the Wii u. NES fanatics love to suppress negative information when its the truth

guitarded772279d ago

@ DaCajun

And there isn't a certain user with an attached "Rated E For Everyone" that doesn't do the same thing in every Nintendo story, while the Nintendo faithful eat it up?

I have my Wii U pre-ordered, and I own 3 PS3's. I can certainly see why someone just getting into an HD console could be more excited for the PS3 Ultra-Slim... it will be cheaper, and it has a massive catalog.

I'm personally more excited for the Wii U, because it's something new, and like I said, I already own 3 PS3s, along with 400+ games for it. But to each their own.

DaCajun2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Yes Hatsune it is you expressing your opinion but I came to this article to read about the PS3 and that's it but you just seem to spew fanboy hate in articles about other console especially Nintendo lately in every article that has nothing to do with them at all.

@ guitarded I own a PS3 and so does my wife. We have an Xbox 360, Wii and a gaming PC so I can understand some peoples excitement about a slimmer PS3 but he has just been spewing hate in every article I've seen him in toward the Wii U. Just go through his comments and you'll see he is trolling every Nintendo article, it's pretty sad.

doogiebear2279d ago

My concern is the cost. I hope it's affordable.

NewZealander2279d ago

meh my first ps3 was the current slim model, i got bored of it pretty quick to be honest, the wii u looks pretty sweet tho i cant wait to pick it up.

andibandit2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

I can wait for the slimmer 500gb ps3. I'm less excited for the slimmer ps3 than I am a Wii u. With the ps3 I can expect a lot of CC hacking and poor ports, this year and next where I barely see any for the Wii u.

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SilentNegotiator2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

I want a SMALL ps3. We didn't get a "slim" model, we got a "flattened" model that makes up for its skinny-ness with width.

JTX2279d ago

My fat ps3 is still going strong.

Godmars2902279d ago

Pity some of us can't say the same... :(

wishingW3L2279d ago

my 60GB kicked the bucket 2 years ago. I loved that PS2 BC! ;_;

xtreampro2279d ago

You probably would have still had yours if you knew how to fix it. Mines died due to YLOD some time during 2010 but I got it fixed the proper way and it's been working flawlessly ever since.

I even had the fan changed which made my PS3 cooler and quieter.

Getowned2279d ago

Mines still alive too, my little dust collecter(as in dust is attracted to it), My slim was starting to get a bit loud but I vacuumed it and it seem fine, and that reminds me my PS3 fat needs a cleaning too

Tito082279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Godmars, my condolences bro.. My launch PS3 is still going strong as well, it's mostly up to how people take care of their consoles, cause I still have a PS2, Dreamcast, Saturn, Genesis, PSP, even a Sega Nomad, they all work in perfect conditions, in the case of both PS2 & PS3, whenever I stop playing, I switch off the power from the back, cause I was never comfortable with leaving the power switch on both, then after a couple of hours.... I cover it with a tower or anything so it wouldn't get dusty, like I do with the rest of my consoles.....

IDK about others, but that worked for me for years, & still does by now, well the same can't be said about a certain console I used to own :/, I can't say the name cause their cheerleaders will go ballistic on me, it's taboo when they hear someone talking crap about their toy... Here's a hint, RROD & 54.2 failure rate, you know what I'm talking about right???!!!!

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GamerElite2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Don't count on it lasting forever. My 80gb just died a couple months ago and I've had it since 2007

DarthBigE2279d ago

! you're scaring me man!!
mine had a ridiculous amount of dust build up and was over heating quickly so i opened it up and cleaned it out. Been running good since then (about a year ago).
did yours have dust?

BusterFang2279d ago

My fat PS3 is also going strong :D! However, I will be upgrading to this Super/Ultra Slim cause it gives me a few worries at times, but it still keeps trucking lol.

DivineAssault 2279d ago

Theyll prolly price cut this to throw a wrench in nintendos sales.. I hope PS4 is shown at the nx E3.. i wanna see what they got cooking

Tultras2279d ago

whatever it is, it's going to be BEAST.

sandman2242279d ago

Happy Happy Joy Joy! I need a new ps3 ultra slim. Ill buy one as long as theres a bigger hard drive and its whipser quite

DivineAssault 2279d ago

u can put any 2.5 laptop HDD in ps3.. buy with the lowest one & upgrade it if anything.. save u some cash

Getowned2279d ago

dose that work for slims,(didn't think it did) 250gb isn't enough for me lol

HiddenMission2279d ago

If there is a 500 gig for less than the current models I'll pick one up when I get my Wii U. My fat is starting to get some weird graphics issues...polygons stretching, weird textures (white) and flashing textures. I guess it's time to upgrade to the latest and greatest.

wishingW3L2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

this model comes without an HDD, it just has a 16GB flash memory. You'll need to buy an HDD from newegg or something. [this is the rumor]

KidCuDiWINS2279d ago

Got the same exact problem you do. I'm still buying a regular Slim so I don't miss out on the hardcore gaming season.

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