Alex Ward on NFS: Most Wanted | GRTV interview

GRTV caught up with Criterion's Alex Ward to learn more about the vision for Need for Speed: Most Wanted and a possible future Burnout.

"Our design philosophy on this game has been building a city, an open world where the player can drive under, over and through buildings. I like to connect from one thing to the other. I like to get off the track. There is no barriers in this world, it's still truly open, I don't believe that we should be driving around hitting invisible walls."

"It will be back. If you watch any James Bond film at the end it used to say "James Bond will return". And we used to put that, if you go back and look at the end credits of Burnout, I think 1 and 2, it always said the Burnout team will return. The Burnout team will return."

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