ActionTrip Previews Tiberium

ActionTrip writes:

"As most of you should know, this won't be the first time C&C ventures into FPS territory. Back in 2002, Westwood Studios (now EA LA) offered a different take on the popular RTS license with Command & Conquer: Renegade, giving players a chance to experience the C&C universe from a grunt's perspective. Yes, it was a bold effort, but due to various drawbacks and lack of polish, Renegade failed to make an impact on the shooter market. Well, EA is obviously prepared to have another crack at it, this time with Tiberium, currently in development at EA LA for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3."

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Bladestar3670d ago

hehe.. when I saw the picture (article)... I was like.. ehh? RTS... then I remembered that Tiberium is a new FTP... You may want to change the picture.

i Shank u3670d ago

this is another UE3 powered shooter : ( will be good? big C&C fan so i hope so