The Wii U Melt Down

Nintendo Enthusiast writes: You would expect the gaming media to be providing us with some careful analysis on the launch of the Wii U. You'd also be wrong.

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kesvalk2278d ago

it's crazy o'clock on gaming journalism.

Dr_Salvitor2278d ago

I think some ones been eating paint chips again.

ElectricKaibutsu2278d ago

Yeah, it does seem like some game journalists want Nintendo to fail. I think it might have something to do with being resentful of how Nintendo doesn't really listen to their fans (or game journalists). Windwaker's art style, the rumble pack, motion control, two screen handheld, two screen console: NO ONE asked for any of that. Nintendo acts like a parent who says "Look, I just spent a long time making this meat loaf. Eat it, you'll like it." While the game journalists throw a fit because they just want macaroni and cheese. And if they wanted something new it would be double macaroni in a bigger bowl with more cheese. Of course when they finally try the meat loaf it turns out to be like this delicious meat-splosion. Like, with four different perfectly seasoned meats in a combination that had been heretofore untasted. I think I'm losing the focus of my metaphor.

Some game journalists don't like being ignored by Nintendo. They want Nintendo to fail so they can say told you so.

Adolph Fitler2278d ago

Smash this machine media....Nintendo has been getting too much positive press over the years, if it was justified good press, I would not have issue, but when Sony copped NON-STOP crap from EVERY western media site, magazine & the fanboys to boot, for stuff as stupid as, "giant enemy crabs", "Riiiiidge Racer", & that stuff that was funny the 1st few months & 1000 times, but wore thin & showed just how unfunny it really was, & how immature we could be.
Clever insults are clever insults, but the crap put on Sony for years straight, simply because they were such a dominant force for 2 gens straight, is one of the biggest acts of media beat up scumbaggery ever, & there will probably never be a witch hunt as unjustified & intensive as that EVER again in journalism as a whole....I mean, Osama Bin Ladin copped less flack from journo's & the interweb, James Hardy, BP, ESSO & all the companies that have spilt oil across our oceans killing & destroying entire eco systems & thus animal life on a mass scale, thus business & peoples jobs that relied on those waterways.

The fact is, Nintendo have taken gaming back a gen. ever since SNES, by sticking with cartridge with N64 & due to there years of running a communist-like business structure that really hurt any 3rd party developer with astronomical proprietry cartridge license formats, to offering absolutely no development tools or any help to 3rd parties, & the list goes on. Sony broke down the flood walls for the betterment of gamers in a big way....I mean, I bought Tekken Tag 2 from my local JB Hi Fi for $69 the other day, in comparison, I bought SF2 on my SNES for $99, I got Sleeping Dogs on my PS3 for $69, yet I paid $120au for Mario All Stars on my SNES 20 so years ago.....
Then theres the fact Sony smashed down social barriers & misconceptions about gamers in a big way with PSone.
Sony took the mantle of innovator from both Sega & Nintendo & amplified it, raising the bar. I care not what anyone says, as it's the truth.
Even MS are more innovative than Nintendo, just check there awesome, ever evolving, benchmark, online service with Live.
Nintendo are gone, dead, buried.....they just don't know it yet.

ElectricKaibutsu2278d ago

I thought you were going to say when Sony was on top they got bad press and now that Nintendo is on top (sales wise) they get bad press. It was a good point but in the end you didn't make it :-/

EvilTwin2278d ago

"Nintendo are gone, dead, buried.....they just don't know it yet."

AsimLeonheart2278d ago

Well, it is kind of funny state of affairs in the gaming media. There is always some platform that the media loves to hate each generation. Before WiiU, the PS3 was the favourite whipping boy of the gaming press. Oh well, at least the PS3 has been given a rest from the doom and gloom predictions since WiiU came on the scene. Now its WiiU's turn to enjoy the whipping and spanking.

3-4-52278d ago

Sounds like writers everywhere are trying to save their job/s by getting hits.

Like a bunch of "journalism" crack heads.

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