Ultimately, Joss Whedon is to blame for Dom's death in Gears of War 3

XMNR: Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski took to Reddit over the weekend in an AmA (Ask me Anything) where he answered questions from everything about games to his personal life. One of those questions was who was responsible for deciding that Dominic Santiago had to die in Gear of War 3 for the Xbox 360. While Bleszinski layed the blame at his own feet, it's clear that the inception seed was planted by someone else.

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ChunkyLover532277d ago

Joss loves to kill off his characters, Firefly, Buffy and Angel all had a ton of great characters killed of. Especially killed just about everyone. Firefly only got killy in the movie Serenity though.

Moncole2277d ago

Dont forget Agent Colson.

VanguardOfCalamity2277d ago

love the part:

"I asked the folks 'What do you think is going to happen in Gears 3?' and one guy said 'Dom's gotta die dude' and I replied 'Why?' and he said 'Stuff's gotta happen.'"

stuff's gotta happen! - hilarious XD

BitbyDeath2277d ago


Joss seems to have this philosophy in his writing that whenever a character is happy they must be punished.

Tokyo_reject2277d ago

yeaaah, just got my 360 im starting the 2nd game right now and got the are am idiot for posting this crap up....thx for the spoiler d! god how stupid can some people be....

lonesoul652277d ago

play the game in a timely manner and you wont get spoiled...oohh by the way...Professor Snape kills Dumbledor!!!

jghvhv2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Bruce Wayne is Batman!

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