UGO: Razer Mako 2.1 review

UGO's Elizabeth Yun writes:

"Razer might have its feet planted firmly in the 'For Gamers. By Gamers' philosophy, but when I got my hands on the new Razer Mako 2.1 bi-amplified speakers, I was more concerned with how they'd hold up against my ultimate vice-music. Razer set its standards high when it teamed up with Lucasfilm brainchild THX to create this new desktop sound system, so I was expecting a lot.

"A few Jimi Hendrix songs later, I was impressed, but hardly blown away. The Beastie Boys' 'Intergalactic' had some more of the bass lines that tested the limits of its 120Hz subwoofer, but it wasn't until I jacked up the bass and blasted some DJ Tiesto that I actually said aloud to myself, 'Wow.' The sound was rich without any fuzziness even on maximum volume and the bass reverberated without any buzzing or thumping."

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