League of Legends Community…Why So Serious?

Gamer Euphoria staff member Sean writes:

''After hearing how great League of Legends was (or as they refer to it LoL) I decided to take the plunge and check it out. After the tutorials, I jumped into a game to see what the fuss was about. The interface of the menus was nicely arranged and easy to navigate. The champions selection screen offered decent detail of the roles, skills and general stats of the champions on offer. Things were going well…then the game started.''

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Griffin48712277d ago

The community is spoiled. When there isn't much to complain about, people grief by being douches in-game.

GamerEuphoria2277d ago

It seems that way. It's a real shame as the game is fun, but the community makes it a chore to sit through :(

edgeofsins2277d ago

You act like it is common. Maybe you need to level up more to get past those kinds of people.

SeraphimBlade2277d ago

It seems to be getting worse AS I level up. First it was like "yeah, do whatever works for you just don't let the turrets blow up or anything" and now its like "you f***ing retard why are you taking f***ing Kayle in the f***ing mid? We lost one turret. Let's surrender because you f***ed things up."

SeraphimBlade2277d ago

Haha. This guy wasn't even here when the servers went down during the summer. People were out for BLOOD.

Tokyo_reject2277d ago

Im a new player...and i have never wanted to stop playing a game so much because the community that play this game are such IDIOTIC DOUCHE BAGS....dear people who think that calling people names will make them play makes me want to do worse JUST to make you even more jackass

CynicalKelly2277d ago

I have no idea why these people are so angry, more so than any other community.

I myself have got angry admittedly, after finding three or so games in a row with an AFK member or two people who get no kills and double digit deaths.

But I have never just went into match, throwing abuse at everyone. Better than me? No life! Worse than me? Noob! Not doing so well? You are bad and the reason we are losing, having a good enemy team is not a possibility!

Could be because it's free to play and all these little kids are coming in or something, not sure but it really needs to stop.

Rifkens2274d ago

Some people obviously have never worked in a call centre before.

Let the idiots shit talk you if youre not doing well, just keep your mouth shut and report them for offensive language.

Unlike other games/consoles, reporting people on League of Legends actually means something and they will be punished for it