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The Sun initiate Wii U attack

Nintendo Insider writes:

Continuing to demonstrate their hatred of Nintendo, The Sun has now turned their negative gaze upon the Wii U. (Nintendo, Wii U)

CustardTrout  +   1019d ago
Amazed they didn't put "It'll turn your kids into killers."
G20WLY  +   1018d ago
I found this title easy to believe; after all The Sun is a notorious rag. But then I read the original article and saw that it finished with a contrasting pro-Wii U point of view! That part was conveniently left out of Nintendo-Insider's rage-filled response article...

I disagreed with much of what The Sun wrote, but then they made some valid points too - it's actually an uncharacteristically well-balanced ‘pros and cons’ article!

I have to point something out too, since NI are ridiculing The Sun as a publication. "The Sun immediately denied that they weren’t deliberately targeting Nintendo..." is a double negative - nice work, guys.

Perhaps, if NI let their rage die down long enough to proof read their own rants, they could earn the credibility to be taken more seriously than The Sun?

Some will like it, some will not – personally, I’m hoping the Wii U does great and I don’t need articles like this trying to make my mind up for me!
Moonman  +   1019d ago
Has the sun ever responded to 21 million 3DS's sold regardless of their antics last year?
L6RD7BLU3  +   1019d ago
Why does the sun always rise over a pile of shi*
TongkatAli  +   1019d ago
Why is gaming turning into whining about every little thing ? Hey you got to sell copies and make a living. No hard feelings.

I like apple, but not for gaming, finding a Thai place to eat near by the iPhone is awesome for that.
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dark-hollow  +   1019d ago
"you could spend your money on “a lifetime’s supply of iPhone apps,”

Ilovetheps4  +   1019d ago
I don't care what The Sun says. I can't wait to get my Wii U.
MacDonagh  +   1019d ago
Considering that they took part in the Hillsbourgh coverup, I wouldn't take their opinions seriously at all. Nothing more than a shill for government and big business.
AO1JMM  +   1019d ago
The Sun is a POS mag full of filth!
Adolph Fitler  +   1019d ago
Look...I am a gamer 1st & foremost.....and as a gamer that came through the nes, md/genesis, snes, era of gaming as a teen, I have been dissapointed & diss-illusioned by all that Nintendo has offered since SNES.....SNES was an amazing console & by far Nintendo's best offering to date...It had the best controller for it's time & it offered the most power.

But N64 was a shimozzle, & Nintendo's flat out, stubborn, greedy, refusal to drop the used by, cartridge format was an obvious stupid decision by the Nintendo bigwigs, & Pokeyamum & Gameboy saved Nintendo's a$$ from going the way of Sega. N64 didn't sell enough consoles to break even on R&D & manufacturing costs alone. The fact is, Nintendo deserved to die before Sega did, as Sega were ahead of there time with DC's online & the fact they moved on from cartridge when needed, without fuss. The problem was, EVERYBODY from publishers, developers, gaming media & gamers like myself, were all ready for something & someone NEW & FRESH on the scene. So Sony coming along, thanks in huge part to Nintendo screwing them over & costing them big with R&D for the Sony/Nintendo SNES CD add on that Nintendo renigged on, was a much needed & wanted plus for gaming & gamers in general. Developers & publishers were not paying MASSIVE, & I mean MASSIVE, proprietry cartridge format costs to Nintendo anymore, as well as the fact that Nintendo had a Nazi-esque regime that if you submitted them a developed game, ready for gold type status, & the game was too similar and/or better than what they had to offer, they would knock the game back & not allow it to release on there machine.
So a developer that had worked on & incurred the huge costs involved in a 1-2-3yr development cycle, & had a nice 2D platformer ready to release & Nintendo already had Mario & Donkey Kong, & were about to or close to releasing Mario All Stars, they would knock back the 3rd party developer in order to not allow a competative title to release near theres, or even sometimes on there machines at all.
I mean, God forbid if you had a sidescrolling platformer with a character wearing red clothes as it would get axed without question.
Developers, publishers & gamers ran from Nintendo, like they were the plague, when Sony came aboard....and Nintendo only had themselves to blame.

Sad fact is, all is forgiven, & the media crucify Sony, while praising Nintendo for crap they haven't even done, & innovatons they never invented, but ripped off others.....like Analogue stick implementation from MB's Vectrex, & Capcoms DC title Powerstone, to mention just 2.
Fact is, Nintendo are widely regarded as some kiddie loving, peace, love & mungbeans game company, that are so wholesome & beautiful, & basically seen without fault, when in fact they are the same maniacal, controlling, company that dominated in the nes, snes days. They refused dual analogue controllers in defiance of the fact Sony came up with it, for 3 gens straight with N64, GC & Wii (the 1st 2 never even getting a aftermarket release, & the latter not shipping with 1, but rather some other piece of crap).
Fact is, Nintendo are hitting the wallets of hardcore Ninty fans, as well as soccer mums who have to pony up a year or 2 later for one of the other machines, to stop there kids whinging they want a Xbox or PS to compliment there underpowered, overpriced, seldom played, useless piece of out of date electronics filled plastic, with a Nintendo badge.
Sanquine90  +   1018d ago
Let me guess your a Sega dreamcast owner? I am a playstation fan and i can say no gamecompany should die. It was a shame that sega quit the hardware bussiness. I had the dreamcast and the playstation 2. The dreamcast was far better in some perspectives. I remember shenmue ( if i write it correctly).
secretcode  +   1019d ago
When the hell did The Sun become a legitimate form of ANY kind of news? It is the same as someone using National Enquirer or a random Geocities fansite as a legitimate source.
urwifeminder  +   1019d ago
I love how its got heaps of people rilled up well done nintendo in causing a little storm in gaming.
rainslacker  +   1019d ago
"It’s underhand tactics entirely aimed at stimulating an outcry of response from fans such as ourselves"

This quote from the article is exactly why the Sun should just be ignored on the subject. Just because the Sun is read by a lot of people does not mean that they don't use the same cheap tricks as internet journalist and bloggers do on here every day. If people take this or other publications that do this seriously then that's really their problem and does not warrant a response because it's unlikely anything you say or do will change those people's minds. These types of people likely lack any real critical thinking skills and just believe what they're told.

Don't allow yourself to be trolled and eventually the trolls will go elsewhere.
Kos-Mos  +   1018d ago
I know the sun is afraid of japanese companies and them "polluting" the great nations interests.
Venox2008  +   1018d ago
so sun, now headaches and dizziness from Wii U too? :D
Knushwood Butt  +   1018d ago
Do they still have page 3?
chrisarsenalsavart  +   1018d ago

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