UGO: Top 11 Japanese RPGs

While we here in America were grinding our way through first-person mazes filled with gelatinous cubes in Wizardry and exploring the depths of Lord British's psyche in the Ultima series, our game-making brethren in Japan were taking the role-playing genre in bold new directions. Instead of being dungeon crawls laboring under the spectre of Dungeons and Dragons, Japanese role-playing games or JRPGs were epic adventures with dynamic, colorful characters and long, complex plots - the "role-playing" was less in creating a character than in being drawn into the personalities that the game provided for you and kept playing by the compelling stories. And when these games hit America, a whole new audience was born. The golden age of the JRPG is yet to come, with top titles being readied for the next-gen systems, so let's take a look back at the shining stars of the genre so far.

Feature by K. Thor Jensen.

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davez823791d ago

Ah wasting my life away with chrono trigger and ff6 , those were the days.

coolfool3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Coincidently I was just given the PS1 version to play through but now I don't think I will bother, reading that has just kind of ruined it........


Skerj3791d ago

I cannot freaking believe it!! Every RPG I named that should be in that list was there!! Xenogears, Chrono Trigger, Panzer Dragoon Saga, and Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne. They have good taste, good taste indeed except I'd have taken Blue Dragon off in lieu of Vagrant Story.

Keowrath3791d ago

Heh, I actually got Vagrant Story for christmas last year. Installed it on my PSP but haven't had too much chance to play it yet. It's possibly the only PS1 game I've been kicking myself over for never playing.

I have great memories of Xenogears too but I never actually completed it, I know I must have been pretty much at the end of the game but I never finished it off. Again I installed this to my PSP recently but I've been trying to get that damn rock paper scissors badge right at the very begining and that's kinda holding me up from progressing even a small bit =/

coolfool3791d ago

I got so far in the game and I couldn't beat the enemies anymore. All my hits were taking either one or zero hp and the enemies were taking normal sized chunks. So I conciquently died......easily.

I think it must have been a set up thing (for my attack and defense) but I sort of lost interest after that.

Skerj3791d ago

I know a lot of people who get stuck on Vagrant Story because of that. If you've played Parasite Eve (the first GOOD one) then knowledge of that will carry over to Vagrant Story since it's somewhat of the spiritual successor. The key is your weapons, you have to build up weapon affinities, the training dummies help that.

Once you get that down and start building weapons, you'll return the favor on enemies because you'll be doing godly damage with a high powered weapon and some awesome combo skills. When I beat the game the first time I was at 76 hours with 2 main 2handed swords that together had 100 in every enemy affinity. Subsequent playthroughs get you better weapons in Iron Maiden B2 as well.

lonestarmt3791d ago

well in my mind shadow hearts 2 was better than 3. Yuri was a much better main character.

Also I feel like FF VII and X should be on that list. So should Persona 3. Take out blue dragon and panzer dragon series. Although I really love rouge galaxy, that should be take out as well.

kewlkat0073791d ago

Personally "Chrono Trigger" is on my Top 3.

Le-mo3791d ago

What is Blue Dragon doing up there?? I would replace that with Legend of Dragoon.

VigorousApathy3790d ago

Legend of Dragoon was an awful game released to compete with FF8.

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