GAME offers customers a free look at its own content before they buy

High street video game retailer GAME in the UK announced a new free wi-fi service for its customers.

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iamnsuperman2279d ago

That is not a bad idea....only if I enjoy going into GAME shops. One big problem it smells of B.O. No other shop has this problem but GAME shops smell bad. Another problem is the sales assistants keep trying to make you buy random stuff. You go into buy a game you get offered random action figures and sometimes something unrelated to the product you bought. They need to fix both of those things before I can go back into another shop

pompombrum2279d ago

Smells of B.O? That must be your shop as I've never had that problem. I agree about the other part though, I HATE HATE HATE being asked if I want to buy additional stuff.. be happy I even take the time to go buy something from their crappy shops to begin with. I was forced to go into gamestation Friday and it looks even worse now.. they've actually stuck cards all over their counters with all the possible xbox live stuff they can buy.. ofcourse the employee just had to ask if I was interested in buying any.

pompombrum2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Do the majority of people who go in game even know how to use wifi on their mobile devices? That's assuming they even have an up to date phone to even use such a feature.

And the whole biased thing is definitely something to raise an eyebrow over.. I'm pretty sure it's all but been confirmed that GAME alter their "top selling" list to try and shift stock. At least that's what former or current GAME employees have said in the past.

caseh2279d ago

They're a bunch of fannies in GAME, popped in my local store the other day see if i was missing out on any deals. I spot Soul Calibur 5 for £20 new, £25 pre-owned.

At that point I chuckled and left, despite almost going under their business practices still leave a lot to be desired. All they have to do is sell GAMES (and consoles :) and they can't even get the pricing right...

pompombrum2279d ago

Lol yup they're clueless. I tried to use their "we won't be beaten" promotional thing but got refused because the price I quoted was more than they sell the game for. Tales of Vesperia.. they offered me £8 for it and wouldn't match CEX price of £21 because they sold it for £18. In their defense though, the manager of the store seemed knowledgeable enough to recognize the game was a rare one but said the people who do the prices are clueless.

£25 for soul calibur 5 preowned? Wow that's nuts. Can buy it brand new for £16 on amazon and half that preowned price second hand.. and they wonder why they're struggling to make money.

caseh2279d ago

You know its GAME over *sigh* when stores like Argos and Tesco can undercut them on price. A catalog store and a supermarket.

It comes to something when they won't price match their own online store 'Sorry, we don't price match our online store as its not on the highstreet' Hello!? It's the website for one of the stores i'm f*cking standing in!

kma2k2279d ago

Gamestop the US version has many people exploit there 1 week no questions asked full refund as a "free look" at games. i know more than one person who uses them as a free rental store often.

Reborn2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

GAME need to sort out their pricing, before trying to add 'features' to their stores. Not to mention 90% of their staff don't know anything about the products their selling. A shame they need to learn the hard way.

It's madness how a pre-owned copy of a game, can be worth more than a brand new copy. Well, I guess the feature can't hurt, can it?

NyGiants72279d ago

Play N Trade does this to. If it weren't for the prices that take forever to drop I would go there instead of GS.