Gearbox details late fan's inclusion in Borderlands 2

Last year's most heartwarming game-related story was without a doubt that of Michael John Mamaril, the 22-year-old Borderands fan who lost his life to cancer. His friend Carlo sent an email to Gearbox Software explaining the situation with Michael, and not only did Gearbox produce a special eulogy read by Claptrap himself, the company also announced plans to incorporate Michael into Borderlands 2 as an NPC.

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hoju692277d ago

It just goes to show you how much Gearbox cares for their fans. When they were talking about this at Community Day, Randy Pitchford actually started choking up and almost started crying in the middle of the panel. Hands down, these guys have the biggest hearts of anyone I've seen in the industry.

Shani2277d ago

That is really touching and amazing thing done by Gearbox.
Hats off to Gearbox guys.

MattyG2276d ago

Why does this not have more hits? This is a great story and it really shows how much some developers care for their fan base.