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Submitted by X-Factor 1236d ago | opinion piece

Are Video Games ‘Works Of Satan’ ?

With so much free reign it was inevitable that I began playing video games the media had branded as “Works of Satan”; specifically the Grand Theft Auto series. My dad would watch as I played, and laugh at the ridiculousness of the game. He didn’t care that I was selling drugs, killing people, or picking up hookers. He thought it was hilarious! I wish I could say the same of all parents. (Culture, Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony, Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Industry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

knifefight  +   1236d ago
I really wish people would stop blaming me for the problems of this console generation.
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Bigpappy  +   1236d ago
Which region is Satan from? Americas, Asian, European or African? Or is Satan manifested in all regions?

When I was younger, religious people would tell me that "Music which makes you dance is devil music". Now its games. Please stop. Not all of us can fit in the heaven you are all fixated on.
guitarded77  +   1235d ago
Did you live in the town where the movie 'Footloose' was filmed? Did you put on a headset and dance through an old iron mill to make your troubles go away? Are you Kevin Bacon?
HammadTheBeast  +   1236d ago
BitbyDeath  +   1236d ago
Who wants to go to heaven if it's going to be filled with crazy religous people anyway.... seriously
Relientk77  +   1236d ago
HammadTheBeast  +   1236d ago
I don't know...there's a LittleBigPlanet cheat code, if you press the left arrow key 3 times, Sackboy gets a pretty Satanic face on...

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guitarded77  +   1236d ago
Yes... wonderful, wonderful works of Satan. All hail Satan. \m/,
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demon31  +   1236d ago
TopDudeMan  +   1236d ago
yeah, if that's the case, I love satan!
TekoIie  +   1236d ago
SATAN! Please accept this humble (and liberating) offering of fanboys :3
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prototypeknuckles  +   1236d ago
yep, they obviously are and so is music, t.v., movies, and books, all the works of the devil
PirateThom  +   1236d ago
If such a thing existed, he'd be too tied up in paperwork to effectively develop them.
JellyJelly  +   1236d ago
Depends on what religious person you ask. They all transform holy scriptures to fit their own agendas.

I'm not religious but I'm sure I could find a passage in the Bible, Koran or Torah that says gaming is a ok, if it would make you feel better :)
HammadTheBeast  +   1236d ago
MobyRoyale  +   1236d ago
No, but absentee parents sure are.
DivineAssault  +   1236d ago
castlevania lords of shadow had me thinking this.. But so is everything in the world..
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RustedMan  +   1236d ago
...depends. Are we talking about casual or core?
Sketchy_Galore  +   1236d ago
Only the good ones.
GTRrocker666  +   1236d ago
Religion poisons everything... once again
Deadpool616  +   1236d ago
Oh we go again. ¬_¬

They brought up one of the 3 subjects that get the most attention. [religion, sex, politics] This is nothing but bait, from another unknown site.
Deadpool616  +   1236d ago
You want to know what's really the work of satan? On-disc DLC.

"Muhahahahah! They think they're paying for new downloadable content, but it's already on the disc! Muhahahah! >:D "

Seriously, video games are just an expression of creativity. No different than books, music, films and any other creative mediums. Creativity is ingrained in the fiber of our being and there's no denying that.
Pintheshadows  +   1236d ago
Everything awesome is created by Satan.

Metal, Videogames, Dogs and Tattybojangles.
belac09  +   1236d ago
ever since i started playing the first nintendo, i have slowly been becoming more and more like the devil, its been soo long now i might be the devil. i cant believe people really think that stuff is real. the devil?, really?
Pintheshadows  +   1236d ago
To ascertain if you are in fact the devil i'll compiled this short questionnaire.

1) Do you find stained glass windows architecturally offensive?
2) Do you enjoy minions sacrificing goats on your behalf?
3) Have you ever drank the blood of a virgin?
4) Do you like Slayer?
5) Do you have a deep seeded hatred of your father?
6) Do churches crumble when you enter them?
7) Are there any sacrificial altars located in your abode?
8) Is said abode surrounded by fire and punctuated by the agonising screams of punished souls?

I think that answering yes to all those questions would prove that you are the devil.
DigitalAnalog  +   1236d ago
Ironically, I have read the Bible and have seen NOTHING what you have described that has anything to do with the "Devil". Heck, the devil's real terminology is "adversary" in which case describes everyone here at N4G.
gamernova  +   1236d ago
You know what would be the work of Satan? All the catholic priests that are violating little boys. And these morons spend time criticizing our games. For shame.
goldwyncq  +   1236d ago
Spacemagic   1236d ago | Bad language | show
TheDivine  +   1236d ago
Anything can be a tool of Satan. If you lust for money, drugs, power, sex, or even if you put something (imo) as innocent as a game before God that is your idol, what you worship. Thats not what the argument was im sure but just pointing out anything can be used to the detriment of your relationship with God. He should be first period. Peoples downfall is love of pleasure. Whatever that pleasure is Satan will put it before you.

Does gaming bring glory to God? What do you think?
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mananimal  +   1235d ago
Are Videogames works of Satan?, You mean as in Lucifer, the Fallen "Cherub"(a particular class of Angel)?

Short Answer: YES, without question.

According to God's Holy Word, which has been translated from its "Original manuscript or text " of Hebrew(Old Testament) & Greek(New Testament) into many other languages, Satan or Lucifer(before his fall) He is called the "The God of this Age(time period)", "The Prince of the Power of the Air(think airwaves, ie: sattelites, secular knowledge, secular information ie:the advent of Media in all its various forms , occult practices) & the Origins(the 1st sinner, the start of, the 1st rebel, etc) of Sin or Evil, in the Universe.

They say you are what you eat, science proves this, your reality is what you learn, what you learn or experience become your reality or perceptions, its called "Social Engineering". Satan through his many worshippers & followers, dominates the thinking of mankind, hence
of the the various levels of EVIL, &'UNHOLYNESS in the World.

And Videogames, just like many other "UNHOLY" forms of media that people interact with on a daily basis, is an extension of Satan, or EVIL.

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