Cheaters Ruin RPGs

It never fails. A fun RPG is created and within two weeks, the game universe is filled with farm accounts, bots, cheat macros, and hacks.

The latest example of cheater blight is in the still-popular Rage of Bahamut by Mobage.

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inb4its2late2277d ago

Sorry, but cheaters ruin all games regardless RPG or not.

CrimsonessCross2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

For a single-player game, who cares? it's their loss for not playing a game the correct way. For multi-player, some people will do anything to be at the top, for personal gain, have an advantage, exploit or ruin other peoples' good time and more.

Overall, there are people who will do anything to get ahead of not having to actually put the time in to do many things in a game.

I hate people who cheat in a competitive atmosphere.

zgoldenlionz2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

This game is all about spending tons of cash only way to win is spend a lot!!! Cheaters definitely created higher inflation but really unless you are willing to spend 3 bucks per random card there's no point in playing this.