Funcom: "We have the tools to make The Secret world free-to-play"

Amidst recent financial troubles, Funcom has revealed it could make The Secret World free-to-play.

New CEO Ole Schreiner spoke about the future of the company and its games in a recent interview.

"The Secret World was developed as a subscription-based game and the decisions made during planning and production was based on that business model", said Schreiner.

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ATi_Elite2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

The Secret World should of been F2P from the Start!

Funcom does NOT have the infrastructure in place to PROPERLY support a Subscription based game. Your not gonna see constant updates and new content from Funcom like you would see from Blizzard.

The Secret World has a GREAT STORY and solid gameplay and will make a great F2P game in the MMORPG genre.

Funcom knew darn well that they never had enough content and options for the TSW to be a subscription based game and they most likely lost a few hundred thousand players wasting time with a Sub base format.

So when Funcom goes under I have no sympathy for them cause they should of been smarter with the TSW instead of thinking it was the next WoW.

Hopefully they quickly convert TSW to F2P and and begin adding more content and options cause like I said the story and settings of the TSW are fantastic.

Oh and Electronic Arts had a major role in hurting TSW as well. Devs need to avoid EA like the plague.

mobijoker2279d ago

I will never forgive Funcom for not finishing the Longest Journey Trilogy....