Where Are The Retro Games? The Dissolving Arcade Games Landscape

If you grew up in the 70s or 80s, chances are really high that you spent some quality time in an arcade. You see, kids. Long ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth, we used to spend time outside our homes at a place called “the mall.” At the mall (whether indoors or outdoor strip mall) we could roam around aimlessly –OR– assuming we had some cash, we could spend an afternoon basking in the glow of our favorite arcade.

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Megaton2275d ago

They're all on Steam Greenlight. Retro madness in there.

guitarded772275d ago

I miss arcades... I miss the sound of screaming loud machines and blinking lights. I miss asking the meth-head employee for change for a $20. I don't like the fact that my kids (which I will have one day) will never be able to experience a lock-in at an arcade where you can game from midnight to 6am. One of the worst things about modern gaming is the death of the arcades... but I think the trade-offs are worth it. When I was a kid, we could only dream of arcade quality at home.

paydayp2275d ago

no worries for ur kids they will have holodecks arcades like microsoft just patented :).
i would pay money for full room game experience if don right.
would be the old arcades all over again.
i think this tech would be great for arcades to make a come back

ScubaSteve12275d ago

i have an arcade that's close to me 15 bucks for unlimted play. every old school arcade, and ps3,360,wii

shaun mcwayne2275d ago

sounds sweet, nice idea too.

BoNeSaW232275d ago

They are on your favorite PC emulator right now! OR you can sit and pray they are revived for PSN or LIVE.

Aladdins Castle has crumbled friends and will never return :(

L6RD7BLU32275d ago

I don't believe arcades will COMPLETELY go away, because if you think about it. No one will have a place to party such as places like Dave & Busters, Chuck E. Chesses for the kids and other various arcade places where people can hang out