Ageia Goes Green: The Future of Ageia PhysX Discussed

XbitLabs writes:

"In a rather unexpected move, Nvidia Corp. took control over Ageia Technologies, the world's only developer of physics processing units for video games. We decided to find out some more information about the future of physics processing and asked a vice president of Ageia several questions. Will there be Nvidia-branded PhysX accelerators? Is Nvidia developing an open GPU physics platform? Let's find out!"

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Avto3691d ago

I kind of hoped Ageia would stay on its own, but alas not a big deal though

JsonHenry3691d ago

I knew that it would end up going this way. On my 8800GTS, it already has an Nvidia made physics processing built on the chip. Quantum somethinganother it said on the box.

sovietsoldier3691d ago

now i wont need to have an extra slot for a physics card!

SaiyanFury3691d ago

Agreed! Although since I'm not using my extra PCI-e x16 slot on my motherboard (I have 3 and I'm using 2 in SLI), this'll make it easier to fill the empty space. :D