Capcom planning more Wii U projects

Capcom has unannounced projects in the works for Wii U.

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TrevorPhillips2277d ago

I know Resident Evil is one of those games =]

Hisiru2277d ago

I would bet in one of these:
-Okami HD
-Digital titles (Street Fighter 2 HD Remix, Marvel Vs Capcom Origins etc)
-2013 version of Super Street Fighter IV
-Resident Evil 5 or 6
-Lost Planet 3 (which doesn't have a release date yet and there is a lot of time to port it)

metroid322277d ago

Lost planet and Resident evil and say Darkstalkers is my guess.

ninjabake2277d ago

I would hope its an HD power stone but that's just wishful thinking. It most likely is resident evil and lost planet. Maybe Okami? That'd be ideal for the gamepad.

FinalomegaS2277d ago

I'm thinking a RE...

Street Fighter something