The Most Memorable Gaming Moments Of This Generation

Adam from Awesome Games writes: 'Seven long years. Who’d have thought it?

On the 22nd of November, 2012, the Xbox 360 will reach the unthinkable achievement of celebrating its seventh birthday in the same console cycle. Microsoft’s nearest rival, the PlayStation 3, is just one year younger; two ageing giants creaking under the constant expectations of their clamorous masters.

And then there’s the Nintendo Wii. Ridiculed for being an entire generation behind to begin with, Nintendo’s next-generation of hardware, the Wii U, has already been unfairly brandished as the black sheep of the family – seen as nothing more than a reimagining of the experiences we’ve been enjoying since 2005.

But throughout this generation, whether you’ve stomached the underpowered capabilities of the Wii, witnessed the Red Ring of Death, or bemoaned the lack of PS2 backwards compatibility on future PS3 hardware, one thing’s for sure: it’s been one hell of a ride. And remarkably, some of the biggest games are still yet to come.'

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Septic2277d ago

Pretty good list.

My personal favourite moments:

* Left for Dead- My 3 mates and I bought the game not really knowing what to expect. We hadn't really followed the previews but knew it was four player co-op so we all got it at the same time and literally, the moment we started the game, we were screaming little fightened little girls for about 5-10 minutes. All the un-scripted action was so immersive and terrifying at the same time. A tank appeared and chucked a car towards us that flew right over our heads. My days...that was crazy!

* Halo 3 (beta)- it came with Crackdown and when we first played Valhalla (iirc), oh man it was so much fun. We had withdrawal symptons after the beta was over

* Call of Duty MW2- getting my first tactical nuke (got over 145 in the end). The sheer tension- my heart rate quadrupled- it was crazy

* GTA IV Multiplayer- It really was a sandbox and my mates and I had one of the most hilarious moments. You really had to be there- we were in stiches. We were playing cops and robbers and were chasing these guys for AGES swimming in the sea. What us morons never thought to realise was the fact that once the robbers reached the shores they could just turn around and shoot us. So here you have loads of us chasing the criminals and right in the end, they reach the shore and turn of us shouts "Oh sh*t....." LMAO- the mad scramble trying to swim away was hilarious. Needless to say we all died.

* Mortal Kombat 9- Playing King of the Hill mode and I had a female avatar. Loads of people in the lobby watching and I was next against a guy who had 9 wins in a row and was trash-talking everyone. When I came on he ridiculed me and I could hear all his mates' immature mocking in the background. All the other guys in the lobbies thought I was a glutton for punishment. Wrong....1) I'm not a girl and 2) I am a beast at MK9. I wish I recorded what happened next. The screams from the spectators in the lobby cheering me on and the guy's deseprate cries of disbelief as I beat him DOUBLE FLAWFLESS VICTORY. Hilarious!

Uncharted 2- my jaw actually dropped when I came across the *spoiler alert (although surely you must have played it by now!!)*lost city at the end. I couldn't believe it. I actually felt like I discovered something special.

There are loads more moments and I could go on but I won't bother. This gen was brilliant and mostly courtesy of the fact that my experiences were enjoyed with others online. It has been a lovely gen overall and I'm glad to be a gamer. Fun times!

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2277d ago

No words on Batman, I'm very surprised.

Tornadobounce2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Red dead redemption and the sniper mission in call of duty 4 and that's about it.