Wii U lineup will silence the "hardcore" critics

The Wii U software lineup is Nintendo's strongest statement to the "core gamer" since they put blood and fatalities in Mortal Kombat II. Nintendo silenced the critics then and they will again.

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MrKingofVideoGames2281d ago

Me too. The world will be a better place.

gaffyh2281d ago

Except it won't, especially the launch line-up. Even the Wii had quite a "core" line-up when it launched, and it kinda went downhill when everyone realised that casuals don't buy games!

Pushagree2281d ago

Lack of achievements proves its a casual console.

PopRocks3592280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )


The Wii U has an achievement system. It's just not mandatory.

jessupj2281d ago

Who are you and what have you done Nintendo PR representative, LX-General_Kaos

fei-hung2281d ago

I was looking for a list of launch titles in the article but it didn't go into it. Can you list them for me please?

I misread and thought the GameCube SW:RS2 was a WiiU release :s

This Xmas will be interesting no doubt and it will certainly shape how and when MS and Sony choose to reveal their next gen consoles.

Like many people said, it's about the long haul, can Ninty keep bringing the hardcore games and franchises?!

I would like to see a new:

1) Lylat Wars
2) new IP like Conkers Bad Fur Day
3) Their own version of Perfect Dark
4) a Nintendo homegrown hack and slash

One thing they can learn from Sony is having their own IP in almost genre if not all.

MrKingofVideoGames2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

you can click on the links in the article (where it says "look at this list") to get to Nintendo's Wii U website and you will see the games.

gaffyh2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

There isn't a full list of the confirmed launch line-up available. Assassin's Creed 3 and Darksiders 2, Tekken Tag 2 and Tank Tank Tank are launch games, among many others.

This is a full list of the launch window titles,

However, take it with a grain of salt, because Pikmin 3 is not going to be available at launch. Nintendo said "launch window" so you might not get all of these in November. You'll probably see Pikmin in March I'm guessing.

BrutallyBlunt2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Me too but i'm still going to hold off until i see how the online pans out and the library builds.

It doesn't matter what line-up Nintendo brings or Sony brings or Microsoft brings, the so called "hardcore" critics out there will always find something to not like. Most consumers don't spend time on game forums. So what people comment on doesn't always transpire into what the general public thinks. Personally i think the Wii U lineup is pretty strong but it still doesn't have that much in the must have department yet. To me at least. I expect we will see a very strong showing next fall when the rumored next XBOX and PS4 come out. That would be a smart move on Nintendo's part, have some strong games like Smash Bros. and by then the Wii U will be in full swing. Sony and Microsoft will likely show games in the making that are big coming out later while Nintendo should have games already available.

How accurate is this topic though, they point out a picture of Bayonetta 2 but is it really cmoing out the same day as the Wii U or is it during the launch window? It's not really fair to compare past system launch games to the Wii U launch window and not the actual launch games.

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mike1up2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

That's funny because they just seem to get louder here.

Nice read.

I have never heard of "Kidtendo". Is that a new one lol?

...I wish my username was Kidtendo *sigh*.

MrKingofVideoGames2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

there was a guy, a Sega guy back in the 16-bit wars. We worked at a movie theatre and he constantly called Nintendo "kidtendo." I doubt he was clever enough to coin that term himself. It must have come from somewhere. Or perhaps, it was a derogatory term he developed out of frustration whilst trying to balance his 32X atop his Genesis console... it was the only consolation for his folly.

StrongMan2281d ago

We'll see. Nintendo and Microsoft will have a hard time winning the hardcore back.

Besides, third-party support for the WiiU will drop like an "E" when you add an "ING" once the real next gen consoles release. Who would buy a dumbed down copy of COD and Madden Over the vastly superIor PS4 and Xbox 720 versIon.

ChunkyLover532281d ago

Microsoft never lost the core gamer's, in fact Xbox 360 owners have a core title called Halo 4 launching in November. Gears Of War 3 launched last October and broke the previous Microsoft pre-order record.

Microsoft successfully gained family and casual gamer's and it extended the life of the Xbox 360, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. They still put out some of the most core AAA titles each and every year, and they have had the best core year ever for XBLA this year alone.

Sony tried to gain families and casuals as well, they just weren't as successful with the Move as they hoped. Now they are going to try and gain families back, which they had on lock in the last two generations. The 12 gig PS3 or whatever it is, is strictly for the casual/family gamer. Throw in the distinctive lack of really hardcore games Sony has the rest of the year, and the heavy push for "PS3 Essentials", its more then clear that Sony is trying to attract first time PS3 buyers/families/casuals.

The Wii U is sold out everywhere for pre-order, you can try and downplay it all you want, Nintendo won this gen, and are launching the first next gen console. Sony and Microsoft will be 12-15 million units behind by the time they get around to launching.

makemyteapunk2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Totally agree chunky, the 360 is without doubt the console of choice for hardcore gamers. Their exclusive games have hugely dedicated fanbases that last for years, unlike games like uncharted and killzone that hardly anyone plays anymore.

MS may have introduced Kinect to attract the casuals but their dedication to core gamers has never waned.

MySwordIsHeavenly2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Hugely dedicated fanbases? I guess you haven't heard of Little Big Planet...

And what about Gran Turismo 5?

People still play Killzone 2/3, Uncharted 2/3, and all the other hardcore titles. Warhawk has a cult following.

As a "hardcore" gamer, I choose the system with more hardcore titles over the system with three big ones.

1.5 million online vs. 300,000 online seems big until you realize that either way, you get into a match quickly and never play the same people.

makemyteapunk2281d ago


GT5 and LBP communities are tiny compared to 360s exclusives. There are way more people online in forza for a start.

Sony has nothing that can touch Gears and Halo in popularity. There are still loads of people playing Halo3 whereas KZ2 is a ghost town and its a newer game!

Are you try to say Sony has more "hardcore" titles? Ha, you're very misguided.

stragomccloud2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

Funny how when Microsoft went after the casual audience gamers give praise for them expanding the audience, but when Nintendo did it everyone called foul. This isn't a comment directed so much at you as it is to people in general. That said, on the Wii, Nintendo gave us, 2 3D Mario games, a 2D Mario game, 2 Metroid titles, a new Donkey Kong Country, 2 Kirby games, Super Smash bros., Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Sin and Punishment 2, Xenoblade, Last Story, two Fatal Frame games(Though not in America. I own the imports, however.), full Gamecube backwards compatibility, and an awesome back log of virtual console titles. I'd say that's a pretty well supported system as far as the core gamer is concerned.

The problem with the Wii was that a lot of developers thought the Wii would fail and didn't give a lot of support. Then they saw how certain titles sold, and then tried to make bank on crappy shovelware titles. Good third party offerings were few and far between. Though there was a pretty good handful of great 3rd party offerings. Just nothing near the level that the PS3 and 360 enjoyed. Which is why I also own those systems.

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ado9082281d ago

Why must people always bring up other companies in an article?

iamnsuperman2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

This is debatable really. The problem is most of the Wii U line up that the "hardcore" titles are mainly 3rd party and most multiplatform. I think there is a step in te right direction with publishing bayonetta but they still have a long way to go. Nintendo really needs to start releasing mature titles along side its usual franchises

WiiUalpha2281d ago

"The problem is most of the Wii U line up that the "hardcore" titles are mainly 3rd party and most multiplatform"

"The problem is most of the 360 line up that the "hardcore" titles are mainly 3rd party and most multiplatform"

"The problem is most of the PS3 line up that the "hardcore" titles are mainly 3rd party and most multiplatform"

That is true of every console this gen. The bulk of games for core are 3rd party. How can it be a bad thing for Wii U but not for the other 2 that it also holds true for?

iamnsuperman2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

That is true but that isn't my point. My point is Nintendo seem to be relying on the third party to fill that mature gap which the trend has shown less exclusive and more multiplatform (unless you publish it then the garantee a game will stay exclusive is very small). Nintendo themselves are the only ones that can shake the "kidtendo" image by releasing their own mature titles (bayonetta is a nice start). Other platforms do not have this problem because they release their own mature titles which aid their image (just look at Sony. They release kids games but their image mature comes from their own games like Uncharted, Killzone). Remember Nintendo doesn't just release consoles but games too an if Nintendo want to shake the "kidtendo" image they need to start releasing their own mature titles

Hicken2280d ago

The Wii U is a brand new console, unlike the other two. There are more than 100 million PS3/360s out there, which means all those multiplatform titles have somewhere to be played in people's homes already. For someone who already has a 360, a PS3, or both, what motivation is there to buy a Wii U for Assassin's Creed III, or Arkham City?

Not to say that the lineup isn't a good one, but it would be far more tempting if most of the heavy hitters were't available on a console many of us already own.

BrutallyBlunt2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

Hicken wrote:
"Not to say that the lineup isn't a good one, but it would be far more tempting if most of the heavy hitters were't available on a console many of us already own."

Well if that's the case both Sony and Microsoft better stop making PS3's and XBOX 360's, since according to you everyone already owns one. Which of course makes no sense.

Also according to you, everyone gravitated from a Wii to a XBOX360 and PS3. Which of course isn't true.

The Wii U is a new system and it offers unique expereinces not found on the PS3 and XBOX 360, namely the Gamepad. So of course those publishers will try and add new elements and new features to make it somewhat unique to the Wii U. So along with Nintendo franchises and a new spin on upcoming 3rd party games that could entice existing PS3 and XBOX360 owners as well.

I guess now that the Wii U is coming out and it's becoming a hot item Hicken feels the need to downplay that system too. Anything that takes the PS3 out of the spotlight seems to undergo that extra layer of scrutiny from him.

stragomccloud2280d ago

And if someone has a Wii U, they can get an enhanced version of the game with extra functionality.

The games it doesn't get will obviously be available on other systems. That does not however mean it isn't worth it. This generation is far more multiplatform games than exclusives. Except for the Wii, but that's for different reasons such as a lack of third party support.

bigfish2281d ago

Its all well and good having 'hardcore' titles at launch, but what us gamers want to see is these titles being released year after year, fou/five years down the line. Then we can truly say that Nintendo are catering for the Hardcore, right now, i have my reservations.

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