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Little Big Planet Vita is not only the best game in the series; it’s the best game on PSVita. Joshua Mobley of VGutopia reviews Little Big Planet Vita.

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TheLastGuardian2251d ago

So many of these high scores aren't being counted on Metacritic. It's got a 88 Metascore with 25 reviews, the average score on N4G is 91 with 42 reviews.

88 is a great average and all, but I think it deserves a much higher one. This is the definitive LittleBigPlanet game so shouldn't it deserve a higher Metascore than LBP and LBP2?

jmobley2251d ago

agreed, this one i the best in the series

MasterCornholio2251d ago

I hope this game sells very well because the developers worked very hard to bring us this fantastic title.

I really hate it when developers dont make an effort with their games and in the end those games end up selling a ton of copies.