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Richard Walker: "It's been too long since we last visited Pandora, foraging for guns and loot. Almost three years in fact, and in that time we've found little to fill the void left by Borderlands, which brought its own inimitable brand of shoot 'n' loot action with a bazillion guns and a slew of hostile wildlife and bloodthirsty bandits to hunt. For Borderlands 2, those bazillion guns have not only got 'a bazillionder' (words from the back of the box, not from us), but the world has been expanded massively with varied locations that go far beyond the previous game's post-apocalyptic Mad Max-style deserts and prairies."

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rbailey2281d ago

GREAT review. Looking forward to picking up the game tomorrow.

DestinyHeroDoomlord2281d ago

If borderlands 2 is coming too wii u i'll buy a wii u

TheModernKamikaze2281d ago

so if it doesn't you won't buy a wiiu?

TheModernKamikaze2281d ago

So hyped man! I have a PS3 but wanted to try my first fps on the PC which I am building all I need is the case and hard drive. I have to use integrated. :P
But soon I'll get a 7850 or GTX 660.

zchay2281d ago

Or the GTX 660? OR?
No dude, you MUST get the GTX 660, it was made for borderlands 2

Jaybronee2281d ago

Already warned my wife that I'll be "unavailable" these next few days. Planning on a BL2 marathon!

Convas2281d ago

What if she wants sex?

palaeomerus2280d ago

Did you not read what he typed?

Burackus2281d ago

I did the same, i even did a couple extra honey do's just so she'll leave me alone when i get it