Console Gaming vs PC Gaming: Which is Better?

A comprehensive look into the age old question of whether PC or consoles are the dominate gaming device. This controversial topic has been discussed a million times over. Take another look through another perspective.

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Autodidactdystopia2283d ago

"consoles have benn around longer than pc gaming"

I don think so

the objective of consoles was to have a gaming system that didnt cost 5000 like home computers of the time.

steam big picture mode and black mesa source changes everything. just kidding.

who cares right.

If you want the one thats better get a PC.
If you dont care which ones better get a console.

inb4its2late2283d ago

Well what people tend to forget is the "GAMES". If PC games is what you want then get PC. Or if you prefer console games then get a console. But if you like what they both offer then there no reason not to own each one.

zeal0us2283d ago

Both console gaming and pc gaming has its pros&cons.

It all depends on your preference.

kneon2283d ago

Yes consoles have been around longer than PCs, and I'm old enough to remember first hand. The first consoles arrived around 1972 while PC's started appearing a few years later. And PCs were certainly not very common in the typical home until much later.

vickers5002283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Consoles tend to be more streamlined, which I like.

With a console, all you have to do is buy the game, pop it in (maybe do a few installs or patches) and then play.

With PCs, you have to take up a bunch of space on your hard drive, which isn't necessarily a problem and you do have to do the same things for consoles, but consoles pretty much only need hard drives for game data, while pcs need storage space for so much more (unless you don't use your pc for anything but gaming and web surfing).

Then you have to hope that your computer can run it, and you have to also hope that there wont be any issues with your hardware that might make the game crash, and then you have to hope the game lets you use a controller if you're not the type of person who doesn't like mouse and keyboard, this is where pc gaming becomes a problem for me personally. Many games support a controller, in fact most newer games do, but not all do, and most older games don't. And things like pinnacle game profiler aren't valid solutions. Simply mapping functions to a controller like aiming aren't enough, they would have to be optimized by the devs for the controller to be acceptable/on par with how controllers work on consoles, because using a controller mapping program on a game that doesn't support it is just plain awful, and incredibly inaccurate in comparison to the consoles way of handling controllers.

Granted, that particular issue is only a problem for some people, some people love the keyboard and mouse, but for me, it kills my immersion. Using a kb/m, I'm unable to stop thinking about the fact that I'm using it. With a controller, using it is second nature and I don't think about it at all. It would probably take me years to get completely re-accustomed to a new method of control (kb/m) to the point where using it would be second nature. If it were easy enough, or if every pc game were optimized for the dualshock and the 360 gamepads(not counting mmo's and games which have too many functions for a controller to handle), I'd probably switch over to pc gaming.

But until either of those 2 things happen, I'll stick with my console. Oh, and I don't know a single person who games on pc other than wow, so all my friends are on ps3, which makes multiplayer a lot less fun on pc.

edit- Btw, I'm not claiming consoles are better, just in case someone might throw a fit over this comment. I do think PCs are better on a logical level, but consoles are much better FOR ME.

ATi_Elite2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

"Consoles have been out much longer than PC gaming, such as the ‘ol fashion 8-bit Nintendo, Atari 2600, etc."

I stopped reading right there!

Spacewar a multi-player game is credited as the second ever PC Game! It debut in 1961 although many PC Games had been made on Vector screens since the 1950's!

Magnavox Odyssey first EVER Game console 1972!

Who ever wrote this UN-Factual piece of Garbage article needs to read the History of video Games before calling yourself a Video Game Journalist!

kneon2282d ago

Those were not PCs, PC stands for personal computer, mainframes and mini-computers were never considered personal computers.

The first computer I learned to program on was a PDP-11, that's were I first played Zork.

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young7yang2283d ago


the line has been blurred!

MmaFan-Qc2283d ago

Which is Better?

owning consoles AND a gaming pc

G33K2283d ago

Consoles win simply because of exclusives.

Allsystemgamer2283d ago

Pc has Tons of exclusives. You just don't hear about them because they don't have money and advertising behind them.

Outside_ofthe_Box2283d ago

More like you don't here about them because they're simply aren't as good as the ones on console.

vortis2283d ago

Double Fine's Adventure,
FTL: Faster Than Light,
Hard Reset,
RFactor and STALKER all say "Hi"

Led-Zeppelin2283d ago

Red Dead Redemption
Zelda: Skyward Sword
Halo 4
The last of us
Gears of war Judgment
Forza 4
Mario Galaxy 2
Little Big Planet
Metal Gear Rising
Uncharted 2
Lost Odyssey
Xenoblade Chronicles
Metroid Prime 3

....and hundreds more.

Please dont even try. You can have your graphics but I'll take games and gameplay over graphics and specs all day long.

vortis2283d ago


DayZ, FTL and a bunch of others aren't about graphics, though. A lot of it falls back to gameplay. Take Airmechs for example or Slender. All about the gameplay, brother.

iamgoatman2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

The only way to come to the conclusion that PC has fewer exclusives or less games in general is to have never owned a gaming PC.

PC has exclusives in all the most common genres, with games like ARMA, rFactor, Diablo and The Witcher. Then add a whole bunch of games in genres that don't even exist on consoles, or have 1 or 2 games in like RTS and MMO. There are also far more indie games on PC. And all this is without mentioning that the majority of games released are multiplatorm anyway, with the vast majority of those being available on PC.

NoFanboyRequired2283d ago

Theres thousands of indie games on the 360... also, both ways are great. I love them both!

Outside_ofthe_Box2283d ago

He didn't say PC had fewer exclusives. He's obviously talking about quality. The only genres the PC excels in is RTS, MMO, and FPS, all other genres belong to console.

iamgoatman2283d ago

"He didn't say PC had fewer exclusives."

I wasn't just replying just to him, there are a number of comments on this board that claim there are fewer games in general on PC, and I wasn't going to reply to them each individually.

"He's obviously talking about quality. The only genres the PC excels in is RTS, MMO, and FPS"

Only Genres? What about RPG's? There are FAR more on PC than consoles, and a number of RPG games on consoles started out as PC games like The Witcher. What about the Racing genre, where granted consoles have a couple of excellent franchises not on PC like Forza and GT, but if you're into pure sim racers then theres really no where to go but PC with titles like rFactor, IRacing, GTR and LFS.

That leaves consoles with what? Sports, fighting and TPS with the odd minor genres like hack n' slash.

Also don't give me that quality nonsense. Which platform has the better games is entirely subjective. But it can be and often is argued that games that started out as PC exclusives like Crysis only go downhill when they move to consoles due to the limitations.

ALLWRONG2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

PC has more games than every console or hendheld ever made. Hell PC can even play 90% of all console or handheld games. That doesn't include MODS.

Zha1tan2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

lol retard, im yet to see a console exclusive with the depth, creativity, scope and interaction a PC exclusive can offer.

e.g Planetside 2, entire continent wars with 3 empires 666 players on each team with one minute teritory being bigger than the biggest map a console can render.

Yeah sure PC exclusives arent as good as console....Best RPG of the last decade witcher 2 was made for PC and was an exclusive originally because the games design by a small company was only possible on PC due to it being an open platform and not restricted pricey development platforms like consoles.

What do consoles even have that is worth mentioning anymore? uncharted? The Last of Us looks brilliant but those games can be completed on a weekend, they have no replayability or longevity, great but short aka rentals.

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megacowdung2283d ago

Console gaming v PC gaming...I've heard this argument over s billion times.why do these arguments keep on getting approved??? Its the same thing being said over and over and over again.

Max-Zorin2283d ago

Neither. It all come down to preference.