What Must The PS4 Do To Convince Consumers Out Of The Gate?

Everyone has their own criteria for picking up a new game console, but what tops your priority list? What will you have to see from the PS4 early on?

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TrevorPhillips2276d ago

Nothing really, because I believe the PS4 will deliver amazing online play, games, cross game chat hopefully and many other things :)

Godchild10202276d ago

What Sony needs to do is not announce features that the system will have and then have consumers wait months before it can do it. Or tell us that it can't after a few years.

Hatsune-Miku2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

It needs to be more than ten times the power of a ps3 with at least 10gbs of RAM

TrevorPhillips2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

PS5, PS6 or maybe PS7 yeah, but not PS4 loll

iamnsuperman2276d ago

I think it will deliver on something Sony struggled to do in the early stages of the PS3 and that is high quality first party games. Sony changed over this generation (for the better)

DarkBlood2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

it needs to do nothing to convince me, day one for all

VverdugovV2276d ago

Keep free online play. Announce Uncharted 4, Killzone 4, God of War 4, Little Big Planet 3 and some new ips. Price should be $300-400.

neogeo2276d ago

It needs to be less then $599 US dollars and still manage to look so much better then WiiU that people will have to buy it. OR just match the power and price, do a mini upgrade and keep the 1st partie games roiling.

Or try something new and crazy!

NastyLeftHook02276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

what made me buy a ps3 the first day it came out, its a sony product, the best product, a product i can depend on giving me unique exclusive games that i prefer.

I could not have went through this gen not plating metal gear solid 4, demons souls, the uncharted, infamous and god of war series. plus i got unique choices i enjoyed with journey/heavy rain/ico collection.

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The story is too old to be commented.