Wii U Pre-orders Selling Out Across U.S.

IGN writes:

Nintendo recently unveiled the launch dates and prices for its new Wii U system, and many retailers' pre-order stock is now fast disappearing. At the time of publishing, GameStop has sold out of Deluxe units, but still has Basic left to pre-order, Best Buy is sold out of both, as is Sears, while Toys R Us has a 'check back soon to pre-order' message. Walmart is still taking pre-orders for both.

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neogeo2278d ago

You can still get it on but only the white version. I don't want the 8gig even if I can upgrade. $50 more and I get 32gig and a game to start.

raytraceme2277d ago

walmart still has the deluxe ones for preorder.

Dr_Salvitor2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

yes but when i looked it was a forced bundle i had to pair it with another Wii U game, a Wii game and a Wii controller bringing the price to high.

raytraceme2277d ago

there is a trick to the walmart one. They have the deluxe alone for sale but make it impossibru to find total comes out to be $389 after shipping and tax.

chris2822277d ago

raytraceme! thanks for the tip and link! I just pre-ordered =)

nukeitall2277d ago

I wasn't able to pre-order on that walmart link. The product came up, but there was no place to click to order?

chris2822277d ago

nukeitall, an hour after I pre ordered mine, thye seem to have removed the "Buy" button. Soundsl ike they caught on to what people where doing to avoid the bundle.

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Thatguy-3102277d ago

We aren't even sure what's the maximum pre-order that each store has. This is how companies start the hype. It's smart if you tell me.

WeskerChildReborned2277d ago

Most likely their will be more made before they release.

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3-4-52277d ago

Sounds like Wii U is failing big time....;-)

It's not going to be easy to find one around Christmas time.

live2play2277d ago

(ok a little about me, huge nintendo fanboy)
its unlikely the wiiu will repeat wii's success

mostly i think due to the fact that the casuals probably noticed by now they played wiisports for a week then the console gathered dust

then wii fit came out, used it for a week, then the wii just stayed dormant

now itll be like
"no, we already bought a wii and we dont even use it"

thats from my experience anyways (and by that i mean people i know, not me)

as a fan of the company i hope lighting does strike >4< times

-first lightning strike NDS
-second lightning strike Wii
-third lighting strike 3DS (even though it had a rocky start, it still surpasses what the DS accomplished in this point in time in its life cycle)

ape0072277d ago

look at the end of the day, nintendo products SELL lately

don't know why but nintendo has mastered( I hope i get it right) the art of clean presentation or something like that, that's why people go nuts with their products

rainslacker2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Well this morning at work I mentioned it to 3 people at work who I know play games, not as much as those on here do, that I pre-ordered one, and all 3 asked what it was. Had a similar thing when I said I brought a Vita to other people I knew...asked what it was. One really likes his gamecube still, and we've talked about some of the good games it had quite frequently.

Now this is the reaction for the Wii U among the general masses most of us would probably get right now. In a couple weeks these same types of people are going to be experts on the system, and act like they've been in the know since the beginning of time.

The point is people are going to want this because there is going to be a lot of hype surrounding it. I don't think Nintendo will have lightning strike twice like with the Wii, but it will be the device to get for many this holiday. However, I don't think supply will be that limited that it will be impossible to obtain one through retail.

If I'm wrong then I'll admit it when the time comes and be happy that Nintendo is making a successful product.:)

tehpees32277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

What your not saying is it doesn't need to sell like Wii to be successful. Wii was a huge success and is hard to repeat.

But this could sell as well as Gamecube and still be successful because Nintendo sell at profits. As long as that continues and they sell a healthy amount its successful.

Personally I think it will do about half as well as Wii did. Somewhere between 40 and 50 million.

MySwordIsHeavenly2277d ago

I am sure it's going to sell, but I don't personally know ANY people who have pre-ordered it...

Did they only have like two per store or something?

Qrphe2277d ago

It's the first home console coming out after 6 years and there are no other ones even announced in the horizon so the demand must be there.

However, it's not like Nintendo put out 2 million units for pre-order either (not even close).

MySwordIsHeavenly2277d ago

That's true, but I think the only people pre-ordering are the poor saps the GameStop employees sucker into buying them.

beerkeg2277d ago

Or maybe, and I'm thinking outside the box on this one, maybe a lot of people actually want to buy one MySwordIsHeavenly?

It's a crazy idea I know, but I sometimes have some pretty wacky ideas.

linkratos2277d ago

Reports range anywhere from 15-18 all the way up to 40+. Depends on the store I assume.

TheFallenAngel2277d ago

Good for Nintendo. Now they need to make new IPs instead of relying too much on mario.

f7897902277d ago

Why make a new IP when you can sell the same stuff to new generations? (not to mention the older generations still buy it)

ZeekQuattro2277d ago

That's like telling Apple not to rely on its Iphones. lol Its where Nintendo makes most of its revenue. New IP don't always sell. That is why most companies don't take the risk. I like a new IP every now and then but they can be very hit or miss.

bahabeast2277d ago

i mote get one. just added a extra 375 to my weekly pay soo im rolling in the deep.

MySwordIsHeavenly2277d ago

You get paid that much and you don't understand simple English?

Are they hiring in your country? I feel like being a doctor this week.

bahabeast2277d ago

@ MY SWORDSHEAVENLY take it easy buddy. dnt try to insult my country or me specialy if your a young american p.o.s

MySwordIsHeavenly2277d ago

I thought you were an American who was just really bad at English. There are too many idiots making too much money.

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