Mobile gaming taking over? Don't believe the hype "Time and time again, I keep hearing about how mobile gaming is taking over. With tablet and smartphone sales increasing and Angry Birds becoming the most downloaded game ever, one would think that gamers like me would become convinced that mobile gaming is taking over. Guess what? We’re not, and the recent iPhone 5 announcement helps to prove that mobile gaming still has a long way to go."

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Nocturne1472281d ago

Mobile gaming is bullshit.

schlanz2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

It's ridiculous the way some people respond to articles like this. For all the claims that mobile games aren't effecting gaming everywhere else, those making them sure sound threatened by it with their extremely defensive tone.

The facts of the matter for the present are this:
mobile gaming accounted for less than 20% of the total handheld game market in 2009, has since more than quadrupled sales to overtake dedicated handheld software sales, and now makes up over 60% of the total market. Mind you that was over the span of just two years.

The industry will not ignore this data. Where the money is, the developers go. For awhile, they will support both the dedicated handheld side, as well as the smartphone side, because even though the dedicated handheld market has shrunk there is still money to be made there.

Eventually, I believe most of the adult population of the US,UK, Japan, and Europe will have smartphones. Obviously the cost for mobile data will have to come down some but it will, just as domesitic cellphone minutes don't cost $1 a piece like they did 20 years ago.

And although smartphones won't have the same penetration rates with children and teens (at least not as quickly as adults..) there are always tablets, which as easily as affordable (if not more) as a 3DS or Vita. There are tablets aimed specifically at children out there now, and many parents may find tablets a more worthwhile purchase given it does much more than "just" games (educational value, multimedia, productivity, social applications, ect.) Kids want these things maybe more than a dedicated handheld for the same reason. They are the "it" things to have.

Obviously mobile games has still a long way to go before they deliver the same kind of experiences found on dedicated systems, and that will probably be the case for at least one more hardware cycle. Ultimately however, I think tablets and smartphones will have the same graphics and depth of content (it will absolutely have the power to), and will have more frequent releases due to the much larger market and revenue stream for developers, as well as the ease and simplicity distribution.

And with that, hardware definitely has to accommodate the need for physical buttons. The Xperia Play was a good start, and we will see how much the Ouya and Wikipad shake things up, if at all. The point is it's being tried out, not always to the same level of success but you have to assume it will be done right eventually. One of the simplest and best examples of combining a mobile gaming with physical buttons that I've seen is a plastic clip for a PS3 controller that mounts a phone directly above it. It works remarkably well for retro gaming.

For now, I personally enjoy mobile games for what they are, short bites of gaming. There are a TON out there that are really fun, very smart, and presented sharply.. and not enough "gamers" appreciate or even acknowledge that fact, their mobile gaming acumen starting and ending with "Angry Birds".

The closer they try to be like handheld games, however, typically the least interested I am, because many times they feel shallow compared to what they are trying to mimic(there are some exceptions.) But I won't ignore that the potential is there for them to be something even better.

Trekster_Gamer2280d ago

You type way too much and say nothing...

You are clueless.

deletingthis346753342281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Most people play games of some form. Be it board games, card games, casino games, or games that happen to play on a electronic device be it a mobile device or Windows Solitaire on their work computer. Big fucking whoopee. The fact that American midwestern housewives bored of their miserable lives play some simple low-budget game on a cellular telephone means nothing to the millions of people that sit down in-front of a 52" or larger display playing games with depth and a meaningful story. Many of these gamers are not the same people that sit around playing Angry Birds. Even if there ARE core gamers out there that play Angry Birds, for each 1 of them, about 50-100 of them don't.

DBergmark2281d ago

That ratio might be off but it's closer to that than 1:10.

Bigpappy2281d ago

They are for diffent types of gamers. Even console and PC gamers are a bit different even though there is more overlay. Mobile games are so diffent, that I think N4G should have a seperate comment area for them.

I don't thing we should be submiting iphone games in between console and PC games. They just get in the way as clutter and are rarely commented on.

jessupj2280d ago

They'll always be a market for gamers that appreciate a mature, indepth game with a robust combat mechanic system that requires skill to progress.

Unfortunately, we seem to be well outnumbered by the casuals that just want a brain-dead 5 minute session of button mashing.