Black Ops 2 Leak Confirms Previous Leaks, Reveals New Zombies Modes

The recent theft of a developer / beta build of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 confirms previous leaks, reveals new Zombies game modes, Tesla Gun and more!

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gatormatt801985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

I just wonder how the hell a studio loses something like that?? Especially when it's a billion dollar product.

Swiggins1985d ago

Corporate Espionage my friend, corporate espionage.

SilentNegotiator1985d ago

Or else straight up intentional marketing.

stormskiier1985d ago

Get out of here brony go and watch your little show with other 5 year old girls

Autodidactdystopia1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

I too Do not get the Pony Bro thing.

what compells the brony. what is his habitat?

What is the reason behind associating with animated ponies meant to entertain 5yos?

What is your story?

tonight on dateline- "the brony obsession, insider facts and we finally get to the bottom of the brony case"

Swiggins1985d ago

In response to the comments below.

stormskiier: There's a difference between for kids, and for all ages, previous seasons of MLP fit into the former catagory, but the latest iteration fits firmly in the latter. Also, why should I have to "get out" when I've done nothing wrong?

Auto: What compels me is that I have a genuine appreciation for the show and the community. The sheer creativity the community puts out is simply staggering.

My habitat? The same as a lot of people, I go to college, I have a job, I'm in a stable relationship with a member of the opposite sex, Ponies are something I enjoy to do in my downtime, it's a hobby, just like gaming is.

It's not rocket science.

By the way, before you label the show "For 5 Year Old Girls" Please, at least try the show, I assure you it's a quality program, if it wasn't then nobody but 5 year olds would watch it. The writing is good, the characters well rounded and the art style appealing.

I hope this has been at least somewhat informative.

SilentNegotiator1985d ago

"it's a hobby, just like gaming is"

When did watching a TV show for 5 year old girls become a "hobby"?

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Waddy1011985d ago

Probably stolen from PartnerNet.

trenso11985d ago

i feel it's part of their hype train. I mean come on it happens every year you would think they have wised up to this and kept things more secret. But no I think they just "leak" bits of info to make people talk about the game and get people excited.

topekomsi1985d ago

Goodstuff, can't wait to dig into zombie campaign, and to all those who said "they havent confirmed that yet" :p.

Straightupbeastly1985d ago

Zombies is overrated it gets boring quick

DoomeDx1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

I think the MW3 survival mode beats Zombies by a long shot.

MuhammadJA1985d ago

Yeah. Too bad it's not as fun as L4D2.

CodCom1985d ago

I think the Zombies fans will disagree with you.

ZigZagLagger1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Zombie mode aint got shit on DayZ.

stormskiier1985d ago

DayZ is so boring compared to zombies

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lorcraven1985d ago

I'm a zombies fan do this is good to hear, plus i don't see how these leaks will could adversely affect sales, it seems likely that treyarch may want to purposely leak a thing or too themselves as it's all publicity in the end.

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