Xbox 360 Achievements List for Dragon Ball Z Kinect

44 achievements can be earned from the latest DBZ game.

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tayz2160d ago

this game is a mega disappointment. not even out and i call disappointment!

SaffronCurse2160d ago

I thought this game was canned.

pompombrum2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

Achievement #1: Buying the game at full retail price: 1000 points

True story!

KMCROC542160d ago

Achievement whoring i will go.

Shadonic2160d ago

I could of made a better DBZ game with kinect -_- I hope people realize that this is just their previous crappy DBZ title ultimate budoukai tenkaichi rehashed with kinect controls and a different camera angle like literally look at game-play of their previous title and then look at game play of this. such a small difference its amazing how they let this slide it like they didn't even try.

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