Why Nintendo TVii might outperform Xbox Live and PSN’s as a media service

GamesRadar - Microsoft and Sony have made great strides to turn their gaming systems into entertainment platforms. Xbox 360 got Netflix then the PS3 got Netflix, and then the PlayStation Network got Hulu and then Xbox Live got Hulu. For years they've traded services, mirroring each other nearly every step of the way while the Wii lagged behind, getting everything late. Yesterday, Nintendo finally unveiled its formal rebuttal to Sony and Microsoft's services: the interesting (albeit unfortunately-named) Nintendo TVii.

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jboy2281d ago

If your gonna do it do it right, as usuall it takes nintendo to integrate this stuff the way is should be and i dont think it can be done any better.
more like copied?

"Eat it Fanboys"

majiebeast2281d ago ShowReplies(7)
Malice-Flare2281d ago

to be fair, they waited a few years to do so...

and, this won't be enough if current users are already satisfied with the services on 360 or PS3...

minus, no disc playback of any sort...

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32281d ago

"minus, no disc playback of any sort... "

But still, who wants to be getting up changing disc all the time? I wish one of these gaming companies would build a carousel inside of their hardware.

ShoryukenII2281d ago

They are releasing a new console so they are able to make huge changes that Sony and Microsoft cannot, especially since 1GB is dedicated to the OS. I think that Sony and Microsoft will try to one up the Wii U and that'll leave the Wii U in the dust like the Wii this gen and it'll be a battle between giants once again.

But this Nintendo TV sounds really good (compared to what we have).

Oh_Yeah2280d ago

you dont NEED blu ray playback can run your movie collections from a usb or stream them from the pc.

Also, media wise... nintendo tvii looks leaps ahead of anything microsoft, sony, cable companies, google, apple or anyone has put together. Everything and more is all in one spot at the same time

STREET x KING2280d ago

I'm satisfied with live right now. It sounds good if I had cable/tivo but I don't, I have netflix, hulu, HBO go from my bro, and I rent movies. If you Bing a movie/show on xbox it gives you your result and it shows you a trailer, description, critic scores, actors, and where its available (netflix, hulu, zune, HBO, vudu, amazon video, etc.)
And honestly, the WiiU should have bluray, the ps3 had it and it put it ahead of the competition. The nextbox better have it and I'm sure all nextgen systems will have robust online services.

Oh_Yeah2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

to add to my other comment, i was 50/50 on the wii u until i saw this, now im 100% on it. Im surprised it was Nintendo out of all the companies to come out with something like this first, exactly what i wanted on the media side of consoles. Its indeed going to be a selling point. As a media hub it cant get much better unless it could cook food and install pc programs on it. And even if you happen to not pick up a lot of games for it, its damn sure going to be one useful box. If microsoft does decide to copy in a know its going to cost to use it. N is making a comeback...this will be the first time in over a decade ill be getting their console.

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LX-General-Kaos2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

So far from what has been shown with Nintendos new unified free of charge online service is that they have clearly taken a step in the right direction.

Nintendo TVii is shaping up quite nicely, and if delivers as promised could be the next evolutionary step within the online gaming business model. The Nintendo Wii U entertainment system unique tablet control functions play a heavy part in this experience. Providing seamless transition between gaming, internet, and Nintendo TVii on the fly. It does look to be a massive step forward compared to what was available feature wise last generation so far.

I actually want to personally thank the innovations of xbox live for opening the doors and providing a path for Nintendos new robust feature rich online to gracefully walk across. They have truly paved the way for the future as far as online features and gaming are concerned.

Rated E For Everyone

AngelicIceDiamond2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

@LX We need more Nintendo fans like you on here to diversify this site. There's to many Sony fanboys on here. Its interesting to see a Nintendo fan, and a Nintendo fan at that compliments Xbox on what they delivered this gen.

From a MS supporter to Nintendo suppoter, you have my respect.

@Snake If we have less of him then what do we have? I rarely see any Ninty Fans on here they get pushed and shoved from both MS and Sony camps.

Well sorry for wanting diversity on this site I didn't know trying to open this site up to another camp is a "horrible thing to do."

In case anybody hasn't notice Nintendo is the elder of the two, I would like to see more respect from other fanboys. With out Nintendo we wouldn't have our Uncharteds and Halos. I'm simply showing respect from one fan to another. I know how do I do it right?? Well, I'm a normal person who doesn't hate everything that's not my console. OMG really!?? Yeah, really.

With PC its all the same graphics, graphics, GRAPHICS. Whatever you have graphics coooool.

So for all the fanboys. Make like Ice, and chill.

2281d ago
cyclonus0072281d ago

I think your sarcasm detector is broken...

LX was trolling hard.

LX-General-Kaos2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

@AngelicIceDiamond.. Thank you for the support and positive attitude. Which is more of what we can all learn from on this site. you have mine as well.

@AdmiralSnake.. Thank you for doing your part in supporting the Nintendo product line. I hope that you also enjoy the feature rich online provided on your very own Nintendo Wii U entertainment system.

Rated E For Everyone

KMCROC542281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

It's true Nintendo is the statesman of the current 3, but let us not forget those from generation 1-5 that paved the way for Nintendo & those that arrived along with it. If not for them we would have nothing.

swice2281d ago

LX is not a troll. Even if he is, he's saying what needs to be said.

MaxXAttaxX2281d ago

Is your troll radar off? Either that or you're a fanboy just like him.

swice2279d ago

Like I said, even if he is a troll, he's saying what needs to be said. Regardless if he means it or not, the words that he is typing on the screen make sense to me. His words aren't blinded by raw specs or the retarded console wars.

"I actually want to personally thank the innovations of xbox live for opening the doors and providing a path for Nintendos new robust feature rich online to gracefully walk across. They have truly paved the way for the future as far as online features and gaming are concerned." - LX

Yes this is embellished, but the message it portrays is what the industry lacks: the ability to be civil and to give credit where it's actually due

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SlavisH22281d ago

It would have to out sell the ps360. It will be the wii Us(5 to 15mil) vs ps360s (80 to 100mil each) for the next 2 years, so yeah.. STFU

AO1JMM2281d ago

You think the WiiU will only sell between "5-15mil"?

That is laughably short of what it will sell.

morganfell2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

I agree with him. Because by the time the WiiU hits the 5mil mark the PS4/Xbox720 will have been announced. Each a great deal more powerful with an already developed media service.

It isn't a matter of hate or dislike to state that Nintendo woefully miscalculated hardware requirements and release dates this time, rather it is a matter of fact.

Nintendo has and will have fans and buyers but before they can do any serious sales numbers a much more capable pair of opponents will be on them. If you think all of the casuals and grannies that made the Wii a seller are going to jump in again this time then like Nintendo you have erred in your estimations.

cyclonus0072281d ago

That "5-15 mil" is probably the amount the WiiU sells before the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft are released. It might be less if rumors are true and both are coming next year. Not to mention price cuts for PS3 & 360 which might slow WiiU sales this holiday.

Nintendo may get two good years out of the WiiU before it gets eclipsed.

beerkeg2281d ago

Ah yes, the power argument. Just like how when the ps3 and the Wii released around the same time the ps3 absolutely killed the Wii in sales because the ps3 was more powerful.

I mean, that's what happened didn't it?

'If you think all of the casuals and grannies that made the Wii a seller are going to jump in again this time then like Nintendo you have erred in your estimations. '

I don't think it will do Wii numbers, but no one, including yourself, knows what is going to happen. So why act as if you do know what is going to happen?

Baka-akaB2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

This is ridiculous now , even the gamecube easily pushed through and beyond that , and that was against the mighty rule of the ps2 .

ninjabake2281d ago

Xbox 360 and PS3 selling in the 100 mill range within the next 2 years while console and game sales have been consistently declining for several months? Keep dreaming kid.

About the Wii U part, the 5 mill is woefully low but I do think 10-15 is in the ballpark

AO1JMM2281d ago

2 more capable console? You mean just like this generation?

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PopRocks3592281d ago

As long as it runs well and is compatible with anyone's home cable or dish network, then I doubt it won't be seen as a viable, if not superior alternative. All that RAM's gotta go somewhere I reckon.

BitbyDeath2281d ago

Would be good if they could patch in the ability to play Blu-rays.

We don't get Netflix or any of that fancy stuff down here in Australia.

Iceman X2281d ago

You can't patch this, Blu Ray uses it's own separate Blu Ray laser. It's not possible.

d3nworth12281d ago

I dont think they would. Nintendo would have to pay royalties to Sony and other companies associated with blu ray technology. I doubt nintendo wants to give money to one of their competitors.

Ippiki Okami2280d ago

Nintendo is using a 25GB panasonic disc based on blu-ray disc technology. Panasonic is a member of the Blu-ray Disc Association. So technically they are paying sony royalties.

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