Is it Time to Say Goodbye to Exclusives?

"As time goes on, exclusives are becoming less and less of a console-defining feature and more and more of a way for companies to monopolize on games and their fans." |

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LX-General-Kaos1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Exclusives will never die

Some Brands like Nintendo for example run off of exclusive content. Exclusives "becoming less and less of a console defining feature" may be true for some, but false for the Nintendo product line. Seeing that from Nintendo home consoles down to handhelds are completely defined by AAA quality Nintendo exclusive content. So much in fact that 3rd party often has a hard time selling to expectations on Nintendo platforms.


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TheSpoiler1798d ago

It's funny, because without Nintendo, this game wouldn't exist.

Dark111797d ago

Really? , where did Nintendo/SEGA/PG say that?

RivetCityGhoul1797d ago

@Dark11 for the last time SEGA has nothing to do with bayonetta 2. Nintendo is publishing it NOT SEGA.

BattleAxe1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I think that when it comes to Sony, the exclusives will never die because they've invested alot of money into their AAA game studios.

With Nintendo, they will always be the king of exclusives for little kids, no doubt about that.

knowyourstuff1797d ago

Exclusives will always exist, just fewer and fewer these days as publishers capitalize on the extra revenue streams of multiplatform releases. They all do eventually if they aren't first party.

Nimblest-Assassin1797d ago

People still bitching over Bayonetta on WiiU?

AWBrawler1797d ago

do you mean those same little kids who were crying over Bayonetta 2? ;-)

its funny how you people keep telling yourselves nintendo is for little kids. i don't know a kid that can breeze through donkey kong country returns, conduit 1 or 2, no more heroes, monster hunter tri, or even mario galaxy 2. Nintendo has exclusives that appeal to more than just kids.

ShoryukenII1797d ago


Nintendo games are like Pixar movies (and LittleBigPlanet). They aren't for kids, they are for everyone.

DragonKnight1797d ago

@AWBrawler: Then you don't know any kids. My nephew is 6 and can breeze through any game he tries to play faster than any adult I've ever seen. Most kids grasp games a lot easier than adults and become a lot better than adults over time. That's just a proven fact especially as technology advances.

SilentNegotiator1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

That and if SEGA weren't as jumpy as EA, afraid of any new IP that doesn't sell a billion copies.

2 probably would have sold a million on each system if they hadn't stuck their head in the sand like a bunch of ostriches in a hurricane.

And it really shouldn't be a question of "should there be". It should be a question about being totally blind-sided, like multiplat games going exclusive to the ONE system family the first game wasn't on.

scruffy_bear1797d ago

@RivetCityGhoul, Sega are the franchise owners and are serving as its advisor.

Also the Sega logo is shown at the end of the trailer, why would it be used on a trailer for a game they didn't have anything to do with them

saoco1797d ago

someone else would have eventually picked it up.

_-EDMIX-_1797d ago

??? This article is quite vague. The title needs to be "time to say goodbye to 3RD PARTY exclusives"

Exclusives will always exist for clear and obvious reasons.

3rd party exclusives will clearly exists for obvious reasons. I see this happening every gen.

But at the same time they happen, one needs to remember in most cases its NEVER FOREVER, its timed and ends up getting ported in a years time. This helps both parties in most cases. The team gets the game and funding, publisher gets sales for its system and developer makes some profit on a port later on cause there cheap to make.....thats it.

Bayonetta 2 isn't any different. It will get ported to PS3/360 or even PS4/720 if they feel just about a year later after the Wii U version.

Again my slow friends, exclusive means its never going on another publishers platform UNLESS they some how buy the IP, ie Halo, ie God Of War, ie Mario Generic shovelware etc.

But thsts not to be said for ips like Gears Of War, Ninja Gaiden, or yes Bayonetta. They are clearly made by 3rd party developers, there IP's are owned by said developers, but they are published else where. They are exclusive by the claims of the publisher/developer at that time, but clearly whos to state that will stay that way? I mean for God Of War, Halo, and Mario clearly the publisher owns the IP and its clearly not going to just end up on any ol'e platform, but those other IPs are not owned by those publishers thus run the risk of being bought up, put on other platforms what have you.

Happen to Mass Effect's IP, happen to Rare's Perfect Dark, Conker etc IP's. We can call, Mass Effect, and Perfect Dark (exclusive games) but that actually means NOTHING if the IP is not owned by said publisher.

Nintendo published Conker's Bad Fur day and Perfect Dark, they didn't own the IP, those IP's where owned by RARE! MS bought Rare, they didn't buy them from Nintendo. Thus when Rare was bought, so where those IPs.....Exclusive?

When Microsoft Published Mass Effect 1,...they didn't own the IP, Those IP's where owned by BIOWARE! EA didn't but Bioware from MS, MS never owned them. Thus when Bioware was bought, so where those IPs.....exclusive?

I think we need to sit down and really evaluate what a actual real "exclusive" is. Heres a great example. Insomniac is working with EA on a title, clearly Resistance and Ratchet will be neither of them, because Sony OWNS THE IP! Published and IP owned is what real exclusive is.

No More Heros wasn't, Ninja Gaiden 1 nore 2 wasn't, Mass Effect wasn't etc. The list goes on, neither fit what games like God Of War, Halo or Mario have. Publishing rights and IP rights are what make it a real exclusive. Publishing doesn't = owning.

In the words of Beyonce, "if you loved it, the you should have put a ring on it" ie if its a real exclusive....BUY THE IP!! They won't because it isn't. When Sony bought Big Big and Evolution, The Motorstorm IP was from the jump a Sony IP, even before they where bought. If you make a game on a Sony system and Sony's publishing....they are owning that IP.

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MidnytRain1797d ago

I'm not disagreeing with anything you just said, but I'm surprised you still have five bubbles.

camel_toad1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

The best thing about exclusives is that the game is made in mind exclusively with one systems limitations and strengths thereby getting optimal results in a technical sense.

The first bayonetta is a perfect example of what can wrong with a multiplatform game. They made it based off of the 360 hardware and the ps3 version was like an afterthought and suffered because of it.

I'm definitely not saying they're shouldn't be multiplatform games (obviously more sales for the publisher) but when it's an exclusive the entire dev team can devote all of their efforts into one console instead of having to limit the final product to meet each systems drawbacks.

thorstein1797d ago

You are right of course. How can Mario be on anything but a Nintendo?

And why would SONY make Xbox games?

Why would MS make SONY or Nintendo games.

guitarded771797d ago

All it takes is one failed console to wipe any company out... then thy're making software for all systems. Look at SEGA. Look at SNK.

This gen has proven that the big three can make money and flourish, but it just takes one bad decision... one bad generation to wipe them out of the hardware market.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for exclusives. It breeds competition and it ultimately breeds innovation. Having exclusives go away, would be detrimental to the video game business, and be horrible for us gamers.

PopRocks3591797d ago


What? Sega had a string of failures. All of the crap add-ons for the Genesis and the failure of the Sega Saturn and the Dreamcast. Sega's a company riddled with consistent bad ideas; that's why they fell out of the hardware race.

And Nintendo already had its "one big bad" decision. It's called the Virtual Boy.

guitarded771797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

@ PopRocks359

Okay... whatever makes you feel like you won an argument that doesn't exist... look at Atari... Look at NEC/Hudson Soft. The point is the same... Mario, Halo and Uncharted could end up as third party software if one of the big three F-up enough. It's highly unlikely, but there are examples (which I've given), where it has happened in the past. There are plenty of people on this site and others that would argue that Dreamcast was a great console, with poor marketing and a poor launch. I'm not saying it was just one bad thing that SEGA did... I'm saying it just takes one big mistake to go from hardware development to third party software publisher.

TotalHitman1797d ago


A failed console could wipe Nintendo out. Although I doubt it as the DS still goes strong. Nintendo don't have any other back up cash streams.

Sony would be taking a huge hit if the PS4 failed, but I doubt they would be liquidated. They would still make money from other sectors.

The Xbox is just a trifle of Microsoft's revenue. They'll barely take a hit if the next Xbox fails.

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StraightPath1797d ago

Bayonetta was huge bombshell! One of Best hack n slash this generation! Basically destroyed devil may cry ninja gaiden n much more advanced fighting mechanics then gow3. Hope it sells well gets new auidencie n comes to consoles. If not wiii u only way :D

dalibor1797d ago

Well that's your opinion about Bayonetta being better than the rest and I can respect that but know that not everyone will agree with your thought. I for one like them all, they are all different somehow and cannot possibly be regarded as the same thing. I still have yet to try out Bayonetta. But I have a feeling that I would enjoy it non the less. And as far as exclusives go I as a gamer would not want them to disappear, it's what separates the consoles from one another. If there were no exclusives from consoles than I would just invest in a pc in my opinion. I want to see some games take raw advantage from a console. It produces great games and mixes it up. And no I did not disagree with you StraightPath.

smashcrashbash1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Yeah that is BS. Bayonetta being better then GOW is arguable. But better then DMC or Ninja Gaiden? You are deluded beyond reason.Bayonetta may have had some nice moves but everything else stunk. the story, the dialogue,the setting, even many of the moves.

Let me give you an example. Bayonetta had a move where she shot up in the air like an upper cut and came back down. You know what that did? It landed me right back into a sea of enemies waiting for me. Pointless and useless. She had a ton of moves and half of them were worthless. At least in GOW, DMC and NG every weapon and move was useful in some way. In Bayonetta you could finish the whole game without buying half the moves and/or weapons.

And added to this is that Sony and Nintendo own their games. No one can go and make multiplats for anyone else. So as long as they own them multiplat as here to stay. No one is going to give up the easiest way to define their console so they have to work harder to make their systems attractive. If every game is on every system then that is more money I am going to have to pay to make my system better. Nintendo would have been dead a long time ago with out exclusives to hold them up.

Tontus1797d ago

The God of War franchise dominates the hack n' slash genre more than any franchise dominates any other genre.

What's the highest rated & best selling hack n' slash on last gen consoles? God of War, this gen consoles? God of War III, last gen handhelds? God of War: Chains of Olympus.

Nothing else will ever compare to God of War. God of War killed Devil May Cry & Ninja Gaiden and everything in the genre since God of War released except for the awful Bayonetta has been a complete rip-off but not coming anywhere near the God of War games.

cyclonus0071797d ago

Another is that Nintendo has for years been content to live off their ancient franchises but now wants a piece of that part of industry which has thrived without them. After all CoD makes millions for Sony & Microsoft; Nintendo not so much.

Nintendo neglected 3rd party publishers by not making a system that was up to current gen standards. The WiiU is their mea culpa.

OmegaSlayer1797d ago

Third party exclusives should not exist.
Because they hurt the developers first.

Said that, Bayonetta2 will never reach the 2 millions copies that Bayonetta sold on PS3 and 36o combined.
So, for those who said that with Nintendo the game wouldn't exist, I tell you, it will only be a longer agony, since the game won't even reach 1,5 million copies sold.
Remember that even MadWorld was a great game and many PS3/360 users bought a Wii for that game
You can bookmark this, Bayonetta 2 won't sell more than 1,5 millions

2 millions copies are too much to jump ship.
First dumbness is on Sega that didn't paid for part 2, then Sony and Microsoft, then the devs for selling out to Nintendo in anyway lacking respect for the existing fanbase.
No one won here.

smashman981797d ago

The only "dumbness" is on the unappreciative asshole fans who cant understand that a bayonetta 2 coming out is a miracle period.

Viewtiful Joe 3 never happened
okami 2 never happened
Vanquish 2 never happened all great games that I would follow anywhere even if they came to IOS or something

buuut when an unlikely sequel finally happens the immature gamers come out and threaten platinum for really wanting to get this games in the hands of gamers even if that means having to have another publisher do it

Thank you platinum

not only will I be buying the WII U but I will be buying your game on day one

Lf_sIcKmAn1797d ago

I was not gonna buy Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U, But after reading your comment I'm encouraged to do so.

I hope Bayonetta 2 does great on Wii U and shuts up all the haters that have made everyone sick with stupid arguments like TEH NINTENDOH STOLEZ IT… Even if bayonetta does not sell over 1.5 million, since nintendo is publishing it, then platinum games isn't investing too much money and can gain more… Im seeing it more likely everyday that nintendo might buy platinum games out and have them as a first party publisher.

Servbot411797d ago

Damn, how am I going to enjoy the game if it doesn't sell 2 million copies? Oh wait...

showtimefolks1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

No because 1st party games will always be exclusives.

And don't be surprised if both any and ms follow Nintendo and revive some older IP's which are owned by 3rd party by funding and publishing the product.

Exclusivs are very important to a systems unless you are MS than exclusive DLC that will they will pay millions for. But in the long run both and Nintendo are in better positions because they own more studios. Sooner or alters people will get tired of halo,gears and forza

fr0sty1797d ago

"As time goes on, exclusives are becoming less and less of a way for a platform to define itself and more of a reason for fanboys to cry a river via a million n4g articles, hateful Facebook posts, and petitions.