Will you "Remember Me" Capcom?

Capcom has announced a title they had been working on, previously known as Adrift, now known as Remember Me. The stylish looking third person action adventure game is set in Neo Paris, 2084.

Pure Sophistry takes an investigative look at this product.

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majiebeast2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Ill buy it if it doesnt have day 1 dlc,exclusive platform dlc,disc locked content. But knowing Capcom it will have all 3 of those so i wont be buying it.

@Kmcro54 Day 1 dlc wouldnt bother me that much compared to the other 2 though but ye it will have all 3. Then they will complain about low sales and wonder why, i seriously wish anyone but capcom had picked this up even EA.

XB1_PS42281d ago

It looks sooo damn cool though!
This would be a good time to redeem yourself capcom.. Like free DLC?

Xof2281d ago

DLC shenanigans aside, looking at my big pile of awesome games from the last 5 years, an alarmingly large portion of them bear the Capcom logo.

I know, yeah, it's fun to bitch about DLC. But to be fair, they don't do that with -all- their titles, and they do manage to reach a more consistent level of quality than most other developers and release new IPs with regularity.

If you want to waste time ragging on incompetent developers, try taking Bethesda, Beamdog, FROM, or Square-Enix out for a spin.

KMCROC542281d ago

@majiebeast what i do is get day one DLC & forget the store crap DLC & wait for everything else to be in market six months later. Keep me from trying to understand their horse shit logic.

KMCROC542281d ago

You know as well as i do that's going to happen

PureSophistry2281d ago

If this doesn't give you "Lady Wood" I don't know what will!