Little Big Planet Online Pass Confusion

Well, we all heard the news that Little Big Planet Vita was released early by GameStop. They were given the green light from higher ups and off they went. I did want to inform you all that the LittleBigPlanet PS Vita servers will not go up until September 18th and don't freak out when the game asks you for an online pass.

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pixelsword2284d ago

Man, I don't know what it is, but I just can't get into handhelds, which is weird because I play the crappiest generic free games that came on my cellphone all of the time.

I want to rent a Vita for a week or win one.

Oh, yeah; I think if you go into home there's a contest where you can win a HDTV or something plus $10,000? and another contest where you can win money too from midway if I'm not mistaken (like $25,000 or more I think; I don't remember).

Just want you guys to know.

mafiahajeri2284d ago

Way to go from one extreme to the next. Also Midway? The ex Mortal Kombat publisher? How nice of them to giveaway $25k when theyve been bankrupt for a couple of years now :D

BitbyDeath2284d ago

Silly as it sounds i know handhelds are designed to be portable and are portable but still having to carry around something extra is why i don't usually buy them. (Did get a PSP given to me tho XD)