'There are way too many cheaters online'

CVG - I'm having real problem's with online multiplayer recently. There are way too many cheaters online now and it's completely ruining any competitive matches.

Having not touched PES since the PS2 days I bought PES 2012. I played a few matches online and it was going well, so thought I'd enter a tournament. The first couple of games ended in draws. Then on my third or fourth game I was winning 3-0 and I was chuffed. Then my opponent kicked off and hoofed it straight to his keeper, turned around, scored an O.G. I thought it was weird, but then he did it again and again. Game over, match abandoned.

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jidery2284d ago

Re-title the article too "there are way too many cheaters in life"

doogiebear2284d ago

Yeah when a game has exploits or is easily hackable, and when people can use things like lag switches, etc...then Yes, gamer's cheat too much.

Look at Metal Gear Online--the best online game ever made: It was ruined by DDOS attacks, Lag Switching, Animation lag exploits, people lagging their net on purpose, etc. It's membership went from 1 million registered users, all the way down to 3000 world wide. That's how bad cheating can mess up a game.

DiLeCtioN2284d ago

There are far too many websites I guess...

soundslike2284d ago

Compared to 10 years theres really not that many.

OhMyGandhi2284d ago

No game has more cheaters than Halo 2.
Why people want to spoil the fun for such an awesome game I do not know.

caseh2284d ago

Meh, thats Konami for you. Metal Gear Online had an amazing community then the infamous lag switch appeared on the scene.

Completely ruined the official tournaments and survival modes, got to a point where there was one in every other game. What did Konami do to address it? Nothing. :)

Sketchy_Galore2283d ago

I've never understood it. I mean, I don't even see what they get out of it. It's like unpacking a board game, placing your piece on the square that says 'win' and just sitting there looking at it. It doesn't even upset me that they ruin competitive games for everyone so much as it just depresses me that there are people that utterly stupid in the World.

caseh2283d ago

They are just there to piss on other players bonfires.

I admittedly done a wall hack with Counter Strike years back on the PC to see what it was like. Then it hit me, I was looking at someone through a wall...he was looking straight back at me. Hacks can see other hacks and after seeing how many people were looking at me through walls I quit the game for good. Had my fun for a few hours first mind. :)

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