The Legend of Zelda: What's next for Link?

CVG - "Because I haven't yet surpassed it, I can't quit," said Eiji Aonuma in 2008, speaking about the game many believe is still the finest Zelda ever, Ocarina Of Time. "Surprisingly, that motivation may be the reason I continue to work on the series." Though some would argue otherwise, we feel that Aonuma may well have slain his own personal Ganon with Skyward Sword.

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DivineAssault 2279d ago

fairies, gtn a sling shot, bow, bombs, & saving zelda

ceballos77mx2279d ago

An open world adventure, free roaming and a world as big as skyrym, minus the bugs (unless its made by Bethesda and its on ps3) :)

Qrphe2279d ago

Combat depth (I'd be set with something close to the Souls series).

I'm not expecting them to improve plot or dialogue since Zelda has never really been about that and I have never really cared to be honest.