11 Things I’d Like to Know About Nintendo’s Wii U

Time - So we know when it’ll be here and how much it’ll cost, but Nintendo’s Wii U preview event yesterday left several important questions unanswered — most conspicuous of all, the list of day-one launch games.

In case you missed it, here’s what we know: Launch day is Nov. 18 in the U.S., it’ll run $349.99 for the 32 GB decked-out “Deluxe” version and $299.99 for the entry-level 8 GB model. Nintendo’s including a new service dubbed “Nintendo TVii” that’ll let you mash up live TV with streaming content and control it with the Wii U Gamepad, and the company promises we’ll see over 50 games between launch and March 2013.

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neogeo2281d ago

"Will the Wii U upscale older Wii games, the way the PS3 did when it supported PS2 games?"

I want that feature BADLY, but why do I have a strong feeling it wont. Please prove me wrong Nintendo.

Salamander2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

"Will the Wii U upscale older Wii games, the way the PS3 did when it supported PS2 games?"

Did the PS3 upscale PS2 games? i know Wiiu supports older wii games... dunno that quote... not sure... hmmm... confusion.

Ilovetheps42281d ago

I believe they added that feature in a firmware update. I personally can't notice any difference.

Salamander2281d ago

@ iluvtheps3

Really? well there you go.

Ilovetheps42281d ago

I found a link that compares the upscaled version to the normal version. Apparently it was added in update 1.8

ChunkyLover532281d ago

Oh my yes, backwards compatible PS3's upscale PS2 games to full HD and has smoothing as well. It fit PS2 games to full screen and HD. They looked great!

I still have a BC PS3 thankfully, that is one feature that should never have been taken out.

It would be cool if the Wii U did the same, its a powerful machine, so I don't see why it wouldn't.

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StraightPath2281d ago

hopefully eventually ill have all next gen consoles again like now. Owner of wii 360 ps3 vita 3ds ds psp. when new ps or xbox comes out sell the old and fund the new which i have been doing. its not that your rich or not just have to be smart about purchasing. Wii U kinda pricey for now ill wait as selling wii will not give that much anyways. your not a true gamer if you dont own all consoles.

wishingW3L2281d ago

on PS3 the smoothing was great but the upscaling does nothing for a game. Your HDTV already has a pretty good upscaler anyway. This is not 2005 anymore when the TV's had upscalers that caused lag.

rainslacker2280d ago

I really hope they do. There are a few Wii games that I want to play and would love that feature. It looked great on the PS3.

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PopRocks3592281d ago

I can answer some of these myself, actually.

"Will the Wii U have achievements?"

Rumors suggest that they'll be called Accomplishments, but yes, Nintendo said they would have them. They just won't force it on developers to have them.

"What about the storage options? Are you stuck with 8 GB forever if you buy the Basic model?"

Reggie already came out and said that you can plug in any HDD you want. Just get a cheap one off of eBay or Newegg.

"Will gamers be satisfied with the Wii U’s visual horsepower once Microsoft and Sony launch their next-gen rigs?"

Who can say? In the end we can't really know until they unveil themselves. Personally I don't believe the gap will be massive. At worst, I think it will be like comparing a PS2 to an Xbox 1.

"Will the Wii U upscale older Wii games, the way the PS3 did when it supported PS2 games?"

I'm pretty sure Iwata already said no, but then I can't really remember at present lol.

boybato2281d ago

though sony has been, and will be, my console by choice i can't dismiss the fact that im interested how devs can optimize the tv/controller screen combo. knowing nintendo, i am sure they really have something planned specially for their exclusives.

TongkatAli2281d ago

Sony needs to copy Nintendo more and pay attention to how they market. Once you have families you are set. Its not about being the best.

TongkatAli2281d ago

Here's is one, it will be mine.

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